Cervical Adenocarcinoma after UPSC misdiagnosis


I am joining you ladies after discovering that I have cervical cancer which was originally misdiagnosed as a rare, aggressive uterine cancer (UPSC).  After surgery, the pathology report came back with 1B1 Mucinous Adenocarcinoma of the cervix with lymph node involvement.  This is quite annoying since I have researched UPSC and now must start researching a new disiease at the same time my doctor is pushing for a treatment decision.  Ugghh!!!


This is where I need help.  There does not see to be much information on endocervical mucinous adenocarcinoma.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?


My doctor says that it is not as aggressive as UPSC, but recurrence in 2-3 years is a concern.  However, some of the previous posts suggest otherwise.  My doctor is not very forthcoming with information unless I ask specific questions, so I am very unsure of what I am facing and don't know what questions to ask before making a decision.


At this point, since she is giving 2-3 years possible recurrence as a reference point, I am leaning towards alternative treatment for nine months and then re-evaluate after testing.  She has not given a compelling reason, other than preventive measures, to subject my body to such drastic treatment (13 wks chemo/5 wks rad) when there is no noticeable disease.  All reproductive organs, omentum and affected lymph nodes were removed.  Also, there is no way of knowing whether the treatments are successful since my pre-op CT scan was clear for metastasis.


Since this is a new diagnosis, and there is very little info available, I am looking to this board for help.




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    Keep fighting

    I am sorry about your diagnosis and your misdiagnosis, surely they have wasted valuable time for you! I am not familiar with your cancer ( I have vulvar adenocarcinomar), but I didn't want you hanging here before someone responds to you with their own experience. I will say that perhaps you should consider getting a second opinion. I will also tell you that doctors have no way of knowing when a recurrence will occur. I was told I would be cured after radiation and chemo, and a second metastes of the VC was forming while I was going through chemo!

    You can call ACS 800 number and they can send you info regarding your cancer and direct you to someone that can help. I am hoping some ladies here will respond soon to you that will give you more info. You can also scan other posts here relating to cervical cancer and actually find them, and send a PM if you want.

    Be Strong and continue fighting!

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    Fighting spirit,
    Chemo and

    Fighting spirit,

    Chemo and rad would be extremely beneficial for you.  Please don't be afraid of it, as it will reduce your risk for recurrence by 15%.   Adenos are aggressive and require upfrontaggressive treatment in order to try tocontrol the disease..  With lymph node metastasis your risk for recurrence is extremely high.  I have adenosquamous of the cervix and went through 3 carbo/taxols then 5 weeks of radiation with weekly cisplatin and internal radiation and then two more carbo.  My first pet/ct showed a lung nodule.  4 months later I also had a tumor on myabdominal wall.  But.....pelvic disease seems to still be controlled.  I had mets removed and am trying chemo again.  Still have faith I will kick this thing to the curb.  Please, don't forgo adjuvant treatment and please consider the most aggressive treatment options.  You CAN beat this.  Hugs.

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    I just finished treatment


    I just finished treatment for cervical adenocarcinoma. We did 2 surgerys, 7 weeks of external radiation with weekly Cisplatin chemo combo. I ended up with positive margins after my last surgery so we moved forward to 6 cycles of carbo/taxol. Now we are debating some internal high dose radiation butthat is still being discussed. I tolerated everything well, radiation being the worst part of the whole thing. It's been 9 months since we got started and still have a little more to go. I do love my entire medical team and that is number 1. I even flew to MD Anderson in Texas and they concurred with everything we were doing. Not sure what resources you have where you live but look around and you will end up with the right team. 

    Best wishes!! Here for you if you have any questions