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Had my first Colonoscopy since treatment

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Just had my first colonoscopy since I was first diagnosed in December 2011.  Finished chemo treatments last September.  Had my colonoscopy on Friday,  No sign of disease and no polyps!!  WOO-HOO!!!!

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Great news!  I need to schedule one soon.



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That is wonderful news.  Now you are looking back and saying, yep the prep was worth it Undecided, well may be not so much, but yup. 


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Congrats on the colonoscopy! I have mine scheduled for the first time since treatment on May 8th. I dread drinking the prep, but want to get it over with.

PS. Love the new picture Kim!

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That is such WONDERFUL news. 

Its a shame that we don't drink the prep AFTER the procedure. I think it would go down easier, like a celebrartion drink. HA! (I amuse myslef). 

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