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Update on Jason....

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Hey everyone! So, we're home now, he got to come home Wednesday. They never did find a reason for the fever though. He's on Cipro for 5 days & is scheduled to get chemo Wednesday. (it was postponed a week) His fever went back up last night, 102.1 & he was having pain on the left side, it was up high & around his side & up into his back & up under his shoulder blade.... so I called the office like we were told to do & when the dr. called me back he said for Jason to take tylenol & if that didn't bring the fever down OR if the pain didn't subside to take him to the ER, but he said since none of the tests showed a reason for the fever there was really no reason for him to go & stay forever & a day (we all know how ER's are....) so, he took the tylenol & the fever did go back down & the pain lessened, but didn't go away completely. He said it's just in his shoulder now, but not real bad. His fever went up again today, but went back down without him taking anything. It's the craziest thing....he feels fine though, so as long as he isn't hurting & is feeling good we'll just wait & go for his chemo Wednesday. OH! I may have already mentioned this, but he is gonna start on the Avastin Wednesday, if all goes well. Thanks for all the replies, I read them all, but can't answer them individually, I wish I could though. Please keep Jason in your prayers. Take care & God Bless, Kris

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This crazy cancer is so unpredictable it drive me crazy. One minute you feel alright then the next all hell breaks loose. I'm glad. He is feeling a little better.  Pray next week goes smoothly for him.  Jeff

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Glad he is home and didn't have to go back to the hospital.  Most fevers spike late afternoon or evening for some reason.  If it goes up again, just give him the same tylenol and if that doesn't work definitely call his doctor back.  Hope he feels better soon and all goes well on Wednesday.


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Hope things improve. The hospital must be starting to feel like your second home. Hang in there. It will turn around.


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People pay $1000's to induce fever as part of hyperthermia treatments. Unless my feaver was reaching 44 degrees celsius, I would not touch any medication designed to relieve it. Just my opinion, but fever is good for the immune system and makes life for many cancer types uncomfortable.

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We are glad Jason is feeling better.   I do not know if I would want to be on Cipro and do Chemo.  Cipro made me very nauseated. Just a thought.



Sending additional  thoughts and prayers.


Best Alwyas, mike 

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So sorry they can't find the cause of this crazy fever, but glad you guys are home and he's feeling okay. Hospitals are sure no fun. Good luck with the chemo on Wednesday.



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I find that after diagnosis my anxiety level is hyper sensitized (and this is a good thing).  Sorry they did not find a good reason for the fever or pain.  However, at least there was a potentially good work-up to try and discover the source of the affliction.  Hardest parts for me on this journey are those that have no apparent reasonable explanation (at least no one that I understand). 


Prayers of peace, healing and patience...Art

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