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Are Cancer Victims/Survivors Being Denied a Full and Impartial "Hearing"

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Are the 1930s Propaganda Film "Reefer Madness" and America's endless and futile "War on Drugs" denying us as cancer patients a possible cure or new treatment for this horrible disease?

Read the article the following link leads to, check out the sources and join the debate:



FDA approved and "legal" chemotherapy drugs aren't exactly harmless and probably more harmful than some plain old "pot," "MJ," etc.  Note this article only refers to colon cancer in a single case, but with additional investigation could they find crossover effects? 

Fair winds and following seas,



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but it sure as hell don't prevent cancer!!!!

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...but I think we're going to find in the future that it does indeed play a role as an ADJUVANT treatment modality.  I've read a few of the papers floating out there on the net...and medical cannbis has properties in there that are being touted as anti-cancer ammo in our fights.

I've read where it said it could outright kill cancer cells...but medicinal cannbis also offers the benefit of slowing down cell death, which allows the body to step in with DNA repair and inhibit the propogation of cancer cells. 

Oils seem to be the buzzword...but I've no doubt that inhalation through traditional means or through vaporization would no doubt offer medicinal value as well.  I'm not sure about the biologics for simply ingesting the product. 

But, I saw on a tv show on Discovery a while ago, about a guy who had some type of circulatory malfunction....he went from standing to sitting in 2 weeks...and 2 weeks later he was on a cane....2 weeks later he was falling all the time...2 weeks after the time he had to fall out of bed and crawl to the bedroom.

He began ingesting medical cannibis (like you'd eat a potato chip)...he'd reach in and grab a huge bud and just eat it whole...apparently medical cannibis stimulates alot of blood flow...and this guy had blood flow issues....a couple of weeks after he started eating it...he was back up and walking on his own.

Alot of bad stigman associated with this medicine....alot of negative stereoptypes as well. 

It definitely won't cure cancer...but its role as an Adjuvant - after a big surgery and in addition with other traditional treatments, does offer some interesting benefits that one could consider...and one day time may move this 'treatment' more mainstream as laws around the nation loosen up.

What's a greater shame is the huge amount of data that has been lost through Human Trials, that have been under way in the private sector for quite some time.  Unfortunately, cannibis connotates a negative stigma - and as such, this type of labeling and narrow thinking keeps its patients underground for protection and less likely to come forward and volunteer that data, which would have an immeasurable impact from the results that could be gained and shared for the benefit of others, who find themselves in need of something to help, that is a far less toxic substance than many of the agents being employed in the cancer medicine cabinet.

I would imagine that there would be some interesting parables that could be drawn if we could have established some kind of baseline somewhere for patients in treatment and then used that data to track their cancer progress against this therapy.  It might yield some very interesting results. 

Anyway, the future holds some promise here...and it will be interesting to read about as more information becomes available. 

Humans already hold the answer - but the price is too high to come forward....so we're beating out in test tubes and in rats...further delaying a helpful solution that should already be in place for sick individuals who could use the boost.

We already know it is a good mood stimulator...and very helpful for appetite stimulation, especially when patients find caloric intake to hard to keep up. 

Often overlooked too, is the 'high' derived...this would vary from a normal individual as opposed to a sick individual....medical cannibis operates under different triggers for these conditions. 

For a person that is too sick to eat or even sit up on a couch, a couple of well placed puffs can make the body 'high' in a different way than it would otherwise act on the mind...it can literally provide the energy to watch a tv show, instead of being bedridden the whole time.  It can fool the body enough to make you feel good enough for a short period of time - where otherwise, there would be zero QOL at all.

Of course, the folks that have been sick and managed to fill their own Rx's already know of the benefits...and one day, more of the population will also be aware as things move more mainstream in the way it is thought of and regarded.

Interesting article...


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has a study underway on the cancer-killing properties of cannabis.  Probably not surprising, given that we just legalized it for adults anyway.  Our major festivals, Folklife and Bumbershoot, have long been celebrated under a haze of smoke (and not the kind that makes Philip Morris happy).  Personally, I used it during chemotherapy and it was pretty effective, especially for nausea.  It's weird that booze is legal, and I've never seen a single study suggesting that stuff is good for anything but killing your liver.  Interesting.  AA

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but so is alcohol for many things when consumed in moderation.  There are countless studies touting

the benefits of red wine as well as distilled alcohol; prevents heart attacks, strokes, dementia just to name

a few.  

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I've made myself "that guy" who would test about anything to get through the nausia and the pain. And, I've had some wonderful angels helping me along the way.

A simple hash-cookie, which is made in a way that few would expect, has worked wonders for me over the past 16 months. Not sure I would have done so well without these cookies. They reduce pain, they eliminate nausea, they calm any worries, they help you dream, focus and imagine a day without cancer and they help you smile, laugh and enjoy life. 

when I started chemo I tried about every nausea med that is known to man. Nothing was working. the weight kept falling off, didn't feel like eating and was pretty much miseable. My attitude was terrible and all I wanted to do was be alone and sit. 

One of my employees showed up at my home and handed me a small lunch bag... and said... "there's cookies in here, eat about 1/8th of the cookie... wait about an hour or so and call me and let me know how you feel".  Amazing!  completely amazing!

The guy who makes these (he lives in coloardo somewhere) takes the stems of the plant and squeezes the oils from the plant... once the oils are extracted from the plant... he then makes a butter with the oils. This is a very concentrated butter. Once the butter is ready, he then makes cookies. He started this when his mom had stage IV cancer... and today this guy makes a few batches here and there and the guy who works for me, knows a guy who knows a guy who can get these for me.

It is truly quite amazing how well these work for me and how much they can change a day. So, from that I got my hands on other types of MJ and found ways to "go smokeless" with that as well.  I used to get all caught up in the illegal drug thing... and thought "what Kind of example am I setting for my kids or others around me". And, i got to the point of WHO CARES, I just want to feel good.  But, I converted it to... "my kids dad will do ANYTHING to fight cancer, and he will also do ANYTHING to feel good, so we can enjoy time together."

I'm past anyone thinking anything less of me because this is he way i choose to deal with this.  I've been through dozens of antinausea meds, a half dozen of the personality/emotional meds, a handful of meds to help me sleep or stay asleep... but nothing works better than the stuff that we cannot buy at any pharmacy or store. Nothing!

I have told my doctors and nurses about this... hell, even had to tell our family verternarian about it this week as my dog dug into my computer bag and found a half of a cookie in there... he spent 48 hours stoned out of  his mind. Had to take her in for an i.v. treatment and they put her in a dark room for awhile to sleep it off. (no, they didn't play The WALL for her from Pink Floyd and they didn't even give her any doritoes!) But she has recovered. LOL (thank goodness)

it works... and it helps deal with the other sides of the cancer battle.

there are many storest that sell drug paraphanailia... go walk in one of those stores and let them know that you're a cancer patient and you need help.  Once you have their trust... they'll make a connection to a connection to help you.  Many doctors feel there should be an easier way to get this... and soon there will be.

many Aids patients have been well ahead of the curve here... but cancer patients need this stuff too.

And, as for the tests about proving that alcohol is good for you... that's crazy! I love beer, wine and a good margarita... and I haven't stopped enjoying a few here and there. But you're fooling yourself if you think ANY of that stuff is good for you while in a cancer battle.  Any study you read about wine being good for you is written or funded by the grape growers association or someone like that... any study that says natural beers are good for you... are funded or written by the wheat and barley farmers association or lobbiest.  Colon caner usually goes to the liver, and those with a liver problem... alcohol, red meat and processed foods, sugars and high carbs... those just are not any good for you.

but, i continue to eat them... but hell, I already have cancer. I just want to feel good, live life and enjoy each day.

smoke em if you got em!



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