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Great news!

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CT scan looking good

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I just heard back from my oncologists office...the radiologist reviewed my scan and reported that it looks good..."unremarkable"!  The oncologist wants a second review to compare this CT that I got this week to one I had back in December.  so I am still waiting for the final results but everything is looking good so far.  Oh, and my CEA is down a little bit since they last checked it a few weeks ago.  All good news!  I do still have the daily back pain that gets much worse towards the end of the day.  I'll report back when I get the report from the other radiologist.  Oh, and we are down to a decision between 2 Drs on a specialist ... we are going to get a second opinion from either MD Anderson or the University of Maryland. My local oncologist agreed that this would be a good time to do it since I have finished up chemo and am now in a wait and see phase.  He did suggest that we might want to consider a laparoscopic "look-see" ... To see if there is any of the mucus developing ...I guess it is hard to detect with scans?  I have read so many other signet ring stories where they had either the procedure that Alice had at Sloan Kettering or HIPEC ... That one of these is the cells effective way to deal with signet ring cells.


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Just had to say......:)

And very well deserved for you......!


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Alex - that is great news! Maybe the CEA was just a inflammation thing. All clear is a good club to be in!
Sandy :)

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Excellent Alex!!  Enjoy the weekend :)

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Wonderful news. Congratulations!

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That is wonderful news.  Always believe it is a good idea to get a second opinion.  Hope your back starts to feel better.


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Very happy for you!  I hope the good news just keeps on coming.  AA

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So happy to hear your scan and cea were good...always such a relief to hear.  Pray keeps getting better.  Jeff

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Great news! 

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congrats - wonderful news!

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It is great to hear some good news!  Yes!

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Congratulations, Execellent news for you.

I have been having bad headaces and the Dr iis going to do a ct Scan. What should i exspect..?




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I have not had a scan of my head.  Ct is pretty painless...just an IV for the contrast.  Since mine was of abdomen and pelvis I had to drink 2 bottles of barium starting 2 hrs before scan.  The actual scan took less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

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John - if they are scanning your head or brain, I'm surprised they are not doing an MRI instead of a CT...

You might want to ask about this...

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