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Would it be deemed sensible to have a TURP even though a biopsy had uncovered cancer with a Gleeson 4+3 and PSA 5.6?


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Your question is not an easy one to answer. There are various factors that need to be considered. The prostate size, difficulties that you may be experiencing, your treatment choice, for example if you have surgery a turp  is not required for you to urinate like a race horse, however there can be major side effects from the surgery. Your age is also very important to know.

Here are some questions that you need to answer anbefore we can give you good advice.

How many cores were taken in your biopsy?

How many were found to be positive?

What was the involvement, percent cancerous and the Gleason score for each one that was positive?

What did the DRE show?

What is your PSA numbers over time?

What prompted you to get a biopsy?

What is your age?

Did you have other diagnostic tests other than the biopsy?

Did you have a second opinion by a world class pathologist to verify the accuracy of the test so that you are not under or over treated?  Determining Gleason scores are very subjective.

What is the size of your prostate? What diagnostic test was used to determine this?



Please describe your general health, do you have other issues that can affect your life expectancy?

What is your weight?


I’m going to stop now only for the reason that I asked you a lot of necessary questions that may be overwhelming for you to digest.

Please get back to us with the answers to these questions

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I've never heard much good of TURP and PC.  I'd research a lot more before doing that.jj

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Just be aware that having a TURP may preclude CK and Brachy treatments.

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Not sure I understand your statement.  How does a TURP preclude CK (or any other form of external radiation) or brachytherapy? 

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I thought the purpose of a TURP was to clean out the urinary canal. What affect would this have on other therapies?

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NO, a TURP is not considered a tx for PCa.  Also, it is not a substitute for a multiple core prostate biopsy performed to rule out or clinically stage PCa.  
A respected PCa website defines TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate) as "a surgical procedure to remove tissue obstructing the urethra; the technique involves the insertion of an instrument into the penile urethra, and is intended to relieve obstruction of urine flow due to enlargement of the prostate."
Please obtain 2nd & 3rd opinions for your current PCa dx from knowledgeable experienced urologists, RO's, & PCa oncologists.  Good luck. 


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