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Chemo stopped.

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Had a bad day today my husbands results show that the cancer has progressed. we are both in shock, he has said that to continue chemo is no going to make any difference, he has tried oxy, avastin xeloda, iretican . does anyone know of any other chemos to treat colon mets to liver lung an peritumium? He was dx Aug 2010. 

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what about Vectibix/Erbitux or the new drugs Zaltrap and Regergofenib.I would get a second and third opinion. Maybe an HAI pump like they used on Phiileg and Kayekay just had one put in for the liver mets. There is HIPEC surgery treatment for peritoneal mets or if you are able financially to go to Germany for Removad like others here have done.

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Thank you for your reply, I will find out tomorrow about these chemos. Hipec is not a option, I found that out a year ago. The primary was removed, but the mets have been the problem. We still live in hope, but the shock Is so very hard to live with, I love my husband very much, we are renewing our wedding vows on the 6 th of April. 


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I don't know everything about your particular situation but is resection, SIRT, RFA, an option ? I am not familiar with any other chemos other than the ones you listed. I had SIRT done when the liver mets grew back after resection and the liver is now clear, and they are doing radiation on a lung tumor and the abdominal wall. Just hope you find some options.......thinking of both of you.....~ Ann

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I am so sorry...hopefully someone will have the right answer for you.  What about RFA on the liver?

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not associated with your present oncologist? -- C



It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars.


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He has left it with us to ask for a second opinion, will do all I can, surgery after primary was removed has never been a option. Take care. 

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This is such hard news to read.  You both must just be reeling right now.  Has your husband decided he doesn't want to try any more chemo?  Or is this what the doctor said?  

If DH wants to try more tx, there is a thread at the Colon Club about some clinical trials people are on:  http://coloncancersupport.colonclub.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=38822&sid=7ba4d9840462a15fd82dbeb599854d87

There are a couple of trials listed there that have been successful for some folk who had pretty significant progression.  You might want to take a look at these and see if DH fits the criteria.

Another thought...Kathryn in MN has had some success with the combo of Zaltrap with the I-word chemo.  I wonder if this would be worth a try, even though he has already done the "I" one.  Maybe a combination would have different results.   You wouldn't have to try too many rounds before scanning to see if there is improvement or not.

Finally, it's completely out of the box, but there is a doctor on the Colon Club who is doing Coley's Toxins.  He recently posted his scan results.  He's had a lot of improvement and he was in a bad place to begin with.  His user name is Lohidoc, and I think he's open to people messaging him about what he's doing.  He posted a clear overview of the tx and his approach to it on colonchat.net recently.

Wish I could think of other things.  Sending tons of strength your way~AA

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Like Ann said, it's hard to read. I'm so sorry you've reached this point. But, so often peoples situation change when they speak with a new oncologist. Another hospital may have more to offer. Please don't give up.


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in Cure, the spring 2013 edition, that Lilly ( also known as eli lilly drug co located in indianapolis, indiana) is conducting a clinical study with an investigational drug for pts with metastatic crc.  one requirement is that you have been treated with chemo.  for info & to find a participating center in your area call 877-285-4559.. m-f  9-5 est.  ask for trial jvbb or #nct01183780.    http://clinicaltrials.gov      in the search box,  type  nct01183780   also i would check with  med centers that do trials because they might have a drug that is close to being put on the market,  but you could get it now.   when i went in july 2012 to ohio state med center in columbus, ohio, they knew 1 of their mcrc chemo drugs would get fda approval & be on the market in dec.  i did not need the drug, but if i did, i would have received it 5 months before most people. that can make a huge difference.  i hope this helps.



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I've had good success with erbitux but I would also seek a second opinion from a "good/great" cancer center. Also as Jeff stated, I did HAI pump therapy too...

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Belinda, thank you for your PM and kind words.  I am sorry you and your husband are also going through this tough time.  My ONC advised me that we could go with Ironitican and Erbitux as a last line of defense which 'may' prolong my life by a few months only. As you know, I chose not to have anymore chemo and since stopping, my appetite has returned; not as tired and a lot less nausea.  My weight has slightly increased, (probably from having larger tumors which for some reason which I do not want to know, keep growing!!!!! dam dam, anyway thats my life.  

Thinking of you and I hope you both stay happy under the circumstances...  cheers..


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I've been taking Stivargo a chemo pill since January. I get my first scans next week since taking this chemo and a little nervous because I've tried all the other chemos. Looks like you may have a few options  and I pray there will be something out there for you. Jeff

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Sorry you are dealing with progression.  I'm in the same boat.  I tried all the chemos you mention.  I just had my 13th round of Folfiri + Zaltrap (every two weeks).  Plus I get a Neulasta shot every two weeks and Xgeva once a month.  Scan after six rounds showed no progression and it got rid of my acites.  Scan after 12th round showed no progression.  I have mets to peritinium and omentum.  Pretty much completely infiltrating my omentum.  I'm going to be blunt about it. For the first 6 rounds it was ok but as the treatments progressed, I feel like **** from the day I get my chemo until day 10. So that gives me about 4 good days. I'm trying to make it to 16 rounds. I've lost 40 pounds and have no appetite. I'm usually pretty positive, but I feel blah today.

Take care, Ron

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