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Brenda Bricco
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We went to Madison in hopes of rfa or directive chemo but the tumor is too close to the hepatic artery so he is starting chemo next week.

We also found out he is Kras - wild type so I am trying to wrap my brain around that and figure out what exactly that means. I am wondering how we got this far with out testing for that sooner.

They spoke of radiation on the tumor if it shrinks after the chemo.

We have been home for a week but I just was an emotianal mess and so is Dennis. I think we are getting a little better now. Our washer and dryer was on their last legs, the dryer decided it was time to exit so we went shopping for something we could not afford. We found a set and put it on the credit card but it won't be here until Monday so I am using the washer, spinning everything twice, hanging laundry all over the house and waiting for the new ones on Monday.

The not having other options really took a chunk out of my hope so if anyone has found themselves where we are and got over a similar hurdle I need to hear your positive story.

GOD's blessings


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I had something called a nanoknife used on 5 tumors during my liver resection(one tumor was resected). It is my understanding that since it does not use heat to burn the tumors that it can sometimes be used on tumors in difficult areas. I had mine done in Louisiana and there is only one hospital that does it here. 

Just sharing the information, not sure if it will fit your case but worth a try. 


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I have been researching nanoknife and it is very promising. It is minimally invasive but more importantly it uses electril impulses cut put holes in the cancer cells causing them to die and the best news is that it doesnt harm surrounding organs or blood vessels.

Brenda you and Dennis should definately look into this.

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We are sending our thoughts and prayers for a positive outcome. I am doing chemo in hopes of reduction to make surgery posible also.  I understand your frustration. Fight the good fight.


Best Always,  mike

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Sorry to hear of your troubles Brenda.  I hope things improve with the chemo.

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Your trip to Madison didn't turn out with the results you were hoping for.....takes the wind out of your sails! I have a similar situation in that I had hoped for RFA on a lung tumor and met with the doctor last week and he can't do it because the tumor is too close or on the blood vessel. He was concerned that he wouldn't be able to get large enough margins and it would probably grow back. Continuing chemo and starting radiation on Monday. Why do appliances break when you are so stressed you can't handle another thing???  Sending positive thoughts your way......~ Ann

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Hopefully the chemo will shrink the tumor and RFA can be done at a later time. It is usually during a time like this that our car breaks down. When it rains, it pours.


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It really does take the wind out of your sails, and its not an overnight return to normal.

Just after I had my resection surgery, our washer broke, then on top of that we had a burst water pipe that shot water everywhere for half an hour. The lid to our turn off pipe was 8 inches under frozen snow, and when hub got to it, it was frozen shut.

Sometimes it doesn't rain, it just pours. 

Here is hoping that the chemo shrinks the tumour enough for some succcesful surgery in the near future. 

Hugs for both you and your hubby. 

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Kras wild means erbitux (cetuximab) and Vectibix (panitumumab) have a better chance of working to disrupt EGFR signals by binding the receptor.   For most patients with Kras mutant, Erbitux and Vectibix don't work at all.  Typically erbitux has been used in the 2nd or 3rd line chemo. It's been very expensive and often of marginal value, especially before they started tests for Kras mutant.  Vectibix is cheaper, and the test sharpens the application. 

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Brenda, the fact that he is KRAS wild is a good thing. That means there are more chemo options for him that don't work for others with KRAS mutant tumors - Erbitux, Vectibix. So that is a bit of good news in there for you from that appointment. Don't have time to write more now, but hang on to this good news. There are several options for inoperable liver tumors. My daughter is possibly going to have Cyberknife. Craig (Sundanceh) had it. Hang in there.


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I mention this because it was on our news channel recently. There is a fairly new radiation treatment called Proton Therapy. It is supposed to be extremely directive with far less chance of affecting nearby tissue. It appears there are 11 locations in the U.S. offering it, one located in Chicago.  Mayo Clinic in Rochester and Phoenix are building their center now, but will not be ready until 2015-2016. I don't know exactly where you are located, but the Chicago location might be an option if this interests you.

In the meantime, I will concentrate on "shrink, shrink, shrink" for his cancer that he may soon be able to have some type of radiation or surgery.



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Kras wild type is potentially good news. mutated kras tends to have worse prognosis. it also means you are a candidate for egrf based therapies an option that most kras mutants don't have. If I were in your case, I would also have my BRAF and PIK3CA mutations tested as well as HER-2. her2 positive cancers can respond well to some breast cancer treatments such as herceptin. Pik3ca would benefit from low dose aspirin. braf is not a mutation u want to have. there is roughly 10% chance of having a braf mutation with colorectal cancer. braf mutants have roughly doble the average mortality rate. i think its good to know as much info so you can guide your treatments accordingly.

Brenda Bricco
Posts: 579
Joined: Aug 2011

Thanks for all the positive remarks, I was in a serious funk last week but I am doing a little better now.

Dennis starts chemo Wednesday and even though I know it will slow him down I am anxious to get going on those tumors. This reoccurance has really knocked us both for a loop but we are beginning to get up, knock the dust off and get back to the fight.

Sorry it took me so long to reply... I worked all weekend and everytime I came to the board it was really slow. I guess I was too tired to wait to post.

It was my friends birthday yesterday so we ventured out to celbrate, I had three beers and felt horrible all night long. I'm not sure when I got so old that I couldn't even have a couple, I guess I was out of practice too long.

The new washer and dryer will be here today and I can tackle the mountain of laundry that has been collecting since the beginning of last week. I am not sure why I am so exicited to get the new machines that I really don't care to use - but hey, it's something new! Tongue Out

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Hi Brenda. Your situation is similar to ours. We were so disappointed when the cancer returned (to the liver). So disappointing. Returning to chemo was majorly depressing. But we adjusted. Now it's just a regular part of life. Steve too was told that there were no options for his liver. No resection, no RFA, no targeted treatment of any sort etc....... We thought this was unacceptable and we ventured to another hospital. Totally different story. Many options. Don't get too down about anything any one doctor tells you. Some surgeons are simply better than others. Seek other opinions. Remember too, chemo can really change the picture. Literally. After a few sessions of chemo it could be a whole new ball game for Dennis. Also, congratulations on Dennis being the k ras wild type. Steve has the mutation and therefore fewer options. Thanks for the update.


I know what you mean about being excited about buying the washer and dryer. Lately I have been finding that spending money on things I can't afford or don't need is quite thrilling. (I realize you need the washer and dryer). I find it's a nice distraction from the cancer. The thrill is very short-lived though. Then I'm left feeling let down because I've wasted money. I'm going to have to rein myself in. Hmmm...... Maybe I should see that therapist after all. Lol. Good luck on Wednesday


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Hi Brenda, thinking of you and sending prayers.  Every tie I get on here to post it freezes up on me.  But our situations are so similar once again.  What chemo will be do time? I can sure relate to the funk you'be been in. 

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Sorry to hear your news. I know you are feeling overwhelmed and hope that things improve once chemo is started.  Everytime I get on here which is not often anymore, I see more people going through the same scenario that we are.  We are in the same place right now so I don't have a posiitive story yet but I am hopeful that we still have options.  My husband's tumor is close to the artery also and they are talking about radiation for him now.  It is all very confusing and hard to understand.  What chemo will he be on?  We need to keep in touch as our situations are very similar.  Hugs, Teri

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