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stage IV uterine cancer

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My mother was diagnosed with Stave IV uterine cancer in Oct of 2012. She is 63 years old. So I totally understood and touch what did your family go through during those difficult time. The tumor have been spread to my mother's Liver; Gallbladder and bladder; enlarged lymph nodes.


She did 6 times of chem. and did not help at all. Her uterus enlarged size as 4 months pregnant. She has bleeding and pain and very dizzy. The oncologist told by father that they could not do the surgery since have been spread to multi-place of body. And chemo was not working either. Right now another oncologist recommended to doing Radiotherapy. However since her uterus was big, it 's very dangerous the therapy may cause rectal perforation. Looked at my mother is struggle all these pains and i can't do anything to help. my father and I feel hopeless until found this site. IT'S TRULY GIVE US A BIG HOPE!!!!!


My mother was very positive till last week since she had extremely pain and bleeding. She already told me that she really want to live a little bit longer and wish to my son go to high school and also try to help me more. But she said she understood her condition. She already started to think negative thing and crying at the first time since diagnosed.

I would like to find some feedbacks on radiotherapy to treat this cancer. Your time and reply will be truly APPRECIATED!!!!!

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I'm sorry to read the story about your dear mom and her continuing struggles.  I can only offer a few thoughts but please understand I'm no doc and can't tell you what direction to go, just give you thoughts from what I've learned/seen over the years.

  • Is her present doc a GYN/ONCOLOGIST?  This is always the recommended doc in any situation with cancer in the "girlie" parts as I call them.  My uterine is very aggressive called MMMT and even with a GYN/ONC doc I had to be specific and reassure he had experience with my cancer.
  • Generally chemo is done first as it hits all the good/bad cells which were missed after the hysterectomy.  Then, come back with radiation to zoom into specific areas where the cancer is found.  While you're telling us cancer  is now in her liver, gallblader, bladder and lymph nodes, don't think just "general radiation" is qualified for all these organs.  I do know from another person having cancer in her liver, it's treated differently as have to be very specific with radiation process.
  • Pain....this is where I think your mom is with her negative thinking and crying. Pain is debilitating and can possibly cause this thinking.  Knowing what a bear I am when in lots of pain, can only imagine how your dear mother feels.  Is she on some pain meds, if not possibly consider pallative care or hospice which offer support in this area?  No one should have to suffer and feel in pain.
  • Second opinion -- have you considered this option to see another doctor?  Most insurance co's will cover second opinions.  

I will keep you and your mom in my prayers for guidance and hope for some relief from her anguish!!  There are many good gals on this site, and know you'll as well receive some good feedback and loving support.

Be strong and never give up, as life is precious!



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Dear  Jazzy1:

Thank you very much for your prompt response. I

I do appreciate your time and all your suggestions. You are right a life is precious we should not give up. It was very dark time to my whole family and me for these past 1 week since my mother had bleeding and extremely pain.

You are right pan is where she starts with negative thinking. I am so sorry that you had been suffered this before. She does take one drug to release the pain, however made her very sleeping; I believed Marigjuan maybe is one of ingredient so cause her sleeping.

She is very fragile and sensitive right now. I told her early about your reply, I told her I found this site and reviewed lots of great stories from each individual survivor. I start to believe we still have a hope, I told her that as long you are alive that’s we should give up.

Everything may have solution to solve the problem. We should not escape it, we should continue to fight with this. We may come to be a BIG WINNER. You DEFINITELY will be a big winner too. I believe she will getting better as long as bleeding and pain stop.

May I ask is this true that at the stage IV could not do the surgery, Because my mother is thinking if did not remove uterine that will be like a bomb in her body even she is getting better. That’s my worrying too.  If you do not mind, May I ask did you done the surgery or just did the chemo or radiation therapy. May I ask how did you getting better to release pain? Do you have to taking the drug at all the times? 

My mother did follow up with another GYN/oncologist as second opinion, She is one recommend my mother to do Radiation therapy since chemo was not working very well. My father does not want to transfer her to another medical center since 6times of chemo did at the first place, he wants her to follow up with same physician since she had known all her medical conditions. He was worry other center won’t accept her.


Thank you very much for your kind, I will also pray to you and all nice people who is giving us a big support.

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Great to read you did have the second opinion, now your dad's not in favor of transferring her to the other facility. 

I was diagnosed with uterine stage 3C, 4 years ago, had total hysterectomy and pathology showed cancer in 1 pelvic lymph node, everything else was clear.  Had 6 rounds of carboplatin/taxol, sandwiched between chemo rounds was 33 sessions of external pelvic radiation.  Been NED since, but do have some long term side affects from the treatments, and nothing major...part of the deal as I say to others!!  Pain?  I didn't have much, outside of the 3 weeks after hysterectomy, which was helped with some pain meds, but today on no meds at all.  

All I can say about doing surgery and now the "bomb in her body", as yes it'll stay there until some form of treatments or sugery are scheduled.  To be very honest with you, there are times when there is nothing more the medical profession can do for a patient.  If the cancer is on many organs and chemo was administered without success, the options become limited.  Radiation can be very hard on the body, but if the doc and you and your family feel it's a good option, do it!!  Definitely would be a concern of mine if your mom is NOW in pain, how would she do after the harsh radiation treatments...something to think about.  Does the doc feel she can handle the radiation?  

None of us can tell you what to do, but we can offer some experiences. All one can do is ask  lots of questions of the professionals and keep plugging along in hopes of seeing the light of encouragement.  God never wrote a book on how our lives would pan out, therefore, we must roll with the punches.  


Best to YOU,


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Sorry your Mom has so much pain.  Sometimes radiation is given to shrink tumors and help with pain.  Palliative care is also used to help with pain management and help with any other symptoms .  Glad you are there to support you Mom and Dad.  

Welcome to the site and feel free to ask any question, or vent your feelings.  I know how upsetting the cancer diagnosis is.  I hope you Mom's pain is better soon.

i too had the sandwich treatment like Jan had.  I had 28 external radiation and a 28hour internal radiation.  I luckily did not have the bowel side effects that many have had.  Good luck to you and your family.  In peace and caring.

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Sara Zipora
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It ain't over till it,s over. I am sitting right now at a hospital where I am waiting for my three month PET Scan checking on how the radiation ,Please Gd, destroyed the bad buggers. I was diagnosed in July 2010 at 64 yrs.

you can't believe what a job it was to get to the hospital on time for my 8:30am appointment. Up and moving since six, as U.S, Prez Obama has locked up general movement in Jerusalem including pedestrian traffic!, all for security reasons!

didnt seem to stop our external bad beggars from raining bombs on southern Israel this morning, a mere two and a half hour drive from my home and Obama who is visiting the Shrine off The Book as I write.  

All of this the week before Passover, when we all hope the bad stuff will Pass Over us and release us to freedom from the slavery of our internal and external Bad Buggers.

so yes, I have Endometrial Carcinoma Clear and Undifferentiated cell. Had two surgeries, one for second tumor which grew while I was getting six doses of chemo, Yes, I have had four rounds of Radiation Tx to zap new growths. Unlike your Mom it did not invade my vital organs. But she should definely give radiation a chance. 

I have much on my Bucket List, experiences with my husband and family are up there. Our revenge to these bad buggers is to live life to the fullest, few people, maybe more every day, get this wake up call,My grandson,s Bar Mitzvah is next week, they originally gave me 4-6 months if chemo didnt work!

i'm all for surgery and Rads. Also got a pill here for BM they didnt offer in US will send name back channel.

anyway my adviCE for what it is worth, go make memories now for your son, children and folks. Take time off, do a Painted Egg Hunt if that's what one does on Easter 

Power to the Warriorettes! Happy healthy Holidays of ReBirth ReNewal and the Passing Over of all bad things,


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