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If you are a milk drinker,this IS frightening:

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(I'm off for breakfast-walk to diner bit over a mile away- and enjoy milk with my unsweetened coffee and eggs with rye or whole wheat dry;might do glass of milk later or with whey protein in blender)



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I can only hope that my favourite organic milk won't succombe to this. 

Of course, my family remind me that I, the only one who eats organic  in the house, is the one with cancer. Go figure!

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Got my blood boilin' first thing when I got into work...

That's a dirty trick alright...labeling is at least the key for 'choice.'  And a choice is what we should have. 

Aspartame is a dirty word...I read one time where it said that it was a DIRECT link to liver cancer...I never touch diet anything....or artificial sweetners...have always felt that they were worse than the real thing.  Nothing wrong with sugar in moderation, because with the real thing (when we can get it) I've found we generally tend to ingest less than the artificial that is trying to replace the real.

A couple of months ago you released what I thought was one of the most provoking subjects on milk that I've ever read with regards to its benefit at helping to preserve the cell long enough to allow the body to effect DNA repair.  In effect, what I got out of the article and what I've been doing for a couple of years now is using milk as an ADJUVANT treatment with my care. 

I drank alot of it during my last cancer fight...I never got lactose intolerant and feel fortunate...I still drink alot of milk...I'm using an Organic 2% right now...it contains DHA and EPA and Omega 3's...and tastes like the milk I grew up with when I was a boy.  It's amazing to me how "homogenized" the non-organic milks have become...it has no discernable taste to me.

When I switched to organic everything, I noticed the taste in the products that were lacking in the traditional fare being offered. 

So, one of my theories right now is that milk as an adjuvant treatment is helpful in the possible prevention of new cancer cells forming and allowing my immune system to operate on its own accord once again. 

Not to say, this would be the one thing...just saying that as an 'adjuvant' I think it holds merit in that article you released, because it slows down the cell death process and allows the body adequate time for DNA repair. 

This could be one of the ingredients to the success I'm currently experiencing.

I'll doublecheck my labels again to make sure I don't see one of the artificials in there...

And let's hope that this resolution does not pass and allow them to blindside us by putting in whatever they want and not having to tell us....that should be criminal. 

I feel milk is an important building block...especially for someone like me who has suffered Avascular Necrosis in the hips from brutal radiation treatments nearly 9-years ago...and suffering more from the effects 9-years out...just like the literature promised me it would...

Keeping bone health and calcium are essential for me as my situation is now stable (I'm out of treatment) but the condition will worsen over time...and I need to keep my bones strong in that core part of my body...and feel milk is an essential ingredient in my fight for mobility.

Thanks again for a thought provoking article, Steve...you do a great job and bring up alot of interesting stuff, just wanted to say thank you for that.


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really disturbing!  I used to drink diet Coke on occasion, but since I've developed post-chemo joint pain (which aspartame may make worse), I cut it out all together.  So frustrating when these giant corporations possess so much power, and are able to act without considering the common good (unless they get caught and it ends up in the media, as this has done).  AA

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If it is not in the perimeter of the store do not buy it!  If it is in a box or can read, read, read!  If it has chemiicals do not buy. Does OJ really need anything in it other then OJ!   Read your milk cartons, I dare ya!  A lot of companies are putting chemicals in their milk!!!!!  They are substituting Soy Lecithin for Milk fat.  Yes, it has 2% milk fat, and they add Soy Fat to make it thicker.  Almost every Butter now has Soy Lecithin in it. I have walked in Soy fields and never saw a cow.  What did not have chemicals in it last week, ay not be true this week. There are many brands we can no longer purchase.   


On the Plus.   There are several companies getting it!  S&W products are coming out with more and more with no chemicals!   Walmart has their grat value brand and most have no chemicals! Libbys is 50/50 for chemiicals vs no chemicals.


Aspertame is pure evil!   It gave me arthiritus. Luckily it does go away in about 6 months. It is a cited side effect of aspertame. About 8% of the population gets side effects from Aspertame. 

I use Youghurt or Sour Cream as a milk substitue for cooking.  They both wor great.  Your Bread and Cakes will come out lighter and fluffier then ever before.

Best Always,  mike


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The Dairy Industry has just petitioned the FDA to add Aspertame to Milk!   Can you believe that????   We need an artificial sweetener in milk???   They want to use this chemical crummy milk to feed our kids at school, so we may never have a say.


Best Always, mike

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Wow.  Corporate plans for food adulteration are running amok. 

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Very much for bringing this to our attention!

I hope that everyone goes to the site you linked above and hits the comment button. And request that this does not happen.  It takes a village so I hope everyone does so.

Again thanks for bringing this to our attention, this is unbelievable what they want to do and keep us in the dark when we're purchasing our milk, we shouldn't have to fear what they are putting in it!

Wintwr Marie

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hormones and antibiotics....Most animals raised for food consumption in US are also given these and most people don't know because its not publicized. I think if we ate and drank everytthing US food industry says to consume, we'd be dead before cancer got to us!!!!

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I will be paying more attention to labels now.

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