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where is the respect in the sugar discussion

pete43lost_at_sea's picture
Posts: 3908
Joined: Nov 2010

am i allowed to present material i believe my fate depends on from mercola, msk, thomas and have a discussion here.

so someone disagrees, i am coming to this forum for support not an argument.

i get sweet f all support and gratitude here. its strange that some seek to drive me away.

have i come to the wrong forum ? it crazy that the sugar argument is running across two forums.

the selfish debaters have stolen the magic of the post and the information.

no one has watched the msk videos, bar two people, out of the 100s who come here.

some of the best cancer research out of a top usa institution and the debaters steal the show.

did any of the debaters, the non supporters "the sweet tooths" watch the videos ? no

so we dont have informed discussions, we dont learn as a community.

why does someone expressing a contrary view always have to get attacked here.

my suggestion, is if you vigously disagree with someones post, maybe pm them, if they want a debate. fine, i DONT.

maybe go start your own negative thread, I think its fair to flag all the non supportive replies. they completely side track the discussion.

this discussion clearly shows why I wanted to join a supportive closed colon cancer support group focused on the leading edge therapies.

the negativity here, the lack of positive replies really speaks volumes where most colorectal cancer patients are at.

they say a few rotten apples, spoil the barrel. i guess thats so on internet forums.

that emotional space won't change anytime soon.

so me and a few others chase windmills, clutch at straws. we gamble our lives so we might live, we share our efforts and our struggles and get

some support and also criticism. 

so i am investing time, money and effort in the ketongenic diet, one day this diet maybe recommended by all oncs.

i want some support, if no support well maybe a peaceful silence, anyone who even supports me get ffwell attacked.

absolute arrogant cyber bullying.



Dyanclark's picture
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Joined: Apr 2012

Dont let us scare you away, we need as many people as possible on this discussion board.  I learn so much on this board.  Everyone has to do what they feel comfortable with.  I just try to keep weight on my husband and give him a healthy diet and I have him drink protein drinks.   I try not to worry to much about all these diets and stuff.   I say do what works for you.   Having said that, we need eveyones comments.Wink


tachilders's picture
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There is pretty good data that diet can affect the chance of getting some cancers but less data is available on how diet can help cure cancer. Now a study of cancer patients with diabetes vs non-diabetics may shed some light on how higher blood sugar might affect tumor progression or survival. A functioning pancreas should keep blood glucose within normal range even with sugar consumption. I think reducing refined sugar in the diet is likely good for everyone but to be honest I haven't committed to it. I want to live the time I have left and I'm not convinced diet changes make a life and death difference in many cases as evidenced by some stories here. Cutting sugar and carbs will also affect many juicers as fruit has lots of fructose which is a sugar that contains sucrose and glucose. I'm not attacking your post in any way just stating my opinion and as I said diet is ppossibly something that can affect outcomes. 


thxmiker's picture
Posts: 1282
Joined: Oct 2010

We need to debate, but not to get personal. I am guilty also!  (Hangs head in shame....)


Sharing information has been incredible. I have grown spiritually, mentally, and physically since joining this site. I am happy to read all of your successes, and send hope, support, and prayers for all of your down turns. 


I have a good diet, exercise, juicing (by machine not sports juicing. lol), spirit, and family.


I made changes to move to the mountains where I get fresh air, water, and food. My choices work for me, and I know can not and do not necessarily work for others.  I do welcome to hear your journey! I do welcome input for my further growth. 


If you have not seen or read about Ron Finley. Here is a link: http://www.ted.com/talks/ron_finley_a_guerilla_gardener_in_south_central_la.html

Best Always, mike

PS Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Lecithin, Benzine, etc... are poisoning us world wide.  None of these things should be in food.

Lovekitties's picture
Posts: 3372
Joined: Jan 2010

I don't understand your issues Pete.  Do you feel that only those who agree with what you post should reply?  That isn't how it works.  Everyone is entitled to reply, as long as they remain in the guidelines.  It is not a sign of disrespect to disagree.

You said:  the selfish debaters have stolen the magic of the post and the information.  No one stole anything, just expressed a differing opinion.  For those in agreement with you, they can bypass the other opinions.  It is not selfish to add a differing opinion to a post, but it is selfish to thnk that only those who agree can respond to it.

Posting a link to a video or information on the net is fine.  It is an invitation to those interested to see more information.  It is not "required viewing or reading". 

You asked:  why does someone expressing a contrary view always have to get attacked here.  If you look back on your posts you will find that you as well as most of us have at times been the attacker.  But attacking an issue (i.e. disagreeing) is not the same as attacking the person.  Each person is entitled to their opinion and to express it within the bounds of CSN guidelines.

You said:   I think its fair to flag all the non supportive replies. they completely side track the discussion.  Again that may be your opinion, however I don't beleive that flagging non supportive replies will get you anywhere, unless the replies are not within te bounds of CSN guidelines.  Being non supportive is not unto itself reason enough to get a post removed.

You said:  they say a few rotten apples, spoil the barrel. i guess thats so on internet forums.  Now that statement is just unkind.  Calling those who do not beleive as you do and express their opinion "bad apples" in inappropriate to say the least.

Pete, I beleive you have had support, on a personal level even from those who have differing views on treatments.  It is only when you insist that your research, opinion or personal treatments are the only right way to go that gets these things started.  When someone disagrees with something you post you get all bent out of shape.  Sharing your treatment plans is fine, but you can't expect everyone to get on the band wagon with you...it just won't happen. 

I wish you well in your quest for health, but I an not one to follow blindly, nor follow the masses.  I make up my own mind since it is my life that is effected by my decisions.

Marie who loves kitties

wolfen's picture
Posts: 1330
Joined: Apr 2009

But, I'm with Marie on this one. You are coming on too strong.

Actually this board is quite a bit more tolerant than some of the others on CSN regarding alternative treatments and ideas. On the H&N board which applies to my hubby's cancer, alternatives are rather taboo, so just not discussed, and I accept that. I have learned some interesting things from you and other alternative users just as I have learned mainstream things from many. So discussion is good. Dissension and name calling is not.

On the other post, I asked a legitimate question regarding diabetic patients who have cancer. I wasn't trying to make fun of or disregard the importance your post. I am just seeking information from those who may have an idea. Perhaps my question got lost in the shuffle, so if anyone cares to, please read my reply and the question.



herdizziness's picture
Posts: 3642
Joined: Apr 2010

But I don't have an answer for you, so silence remained.

I think of you and your family every darn day girl.

Winter Marie

Sundanceh's picture
Posts: 4408
Joined: Jun 2009

You said it more eloquently than I ever could have...

PhillieG's picture
Posts: 4912
Joined: May 2005

In 1/4 of the words Craig!

Tongue Out

Sundanceh's picture
Posts: 4408
Joined: Jun 2009

Touche' my yankee brother!



PhillieG's picture
Posts: 4912
Joined: May 2005

Well put my friend. Also, flagging a post doesn't mean it will be deleted. It's just brought under review as I've understood the policy. If it's deemed to be within the T&C then it can stay.

Phil who loves kittens too but I know they'll get their revenge when the time is right

PhillieG's picture
Posts: 4912
Joined: May 2005

Pete, you're on an open forum here not a private blog so one has to expect (or should expect) some comments and views that don't just parrot what you say. Personally, I feel that this site has given you plenty of latitude when it comes to the content of many of your posts. I feel I've been given some latitude at times too...

I can appreciate your passion even if I question your path. But it's your path just like my path is my path and so-so's path is their own. It's not a question of right or wrong here either because there's no right or wrong way to deal with this. You often post controversial topics so I'd think you'd expect some controversy.

If you only want harumphs and comments that agree with everything you post, you won't find it here. You (should) know that. If you DO want only agreeable comments then have a Wordpress type blog where you can approve every comment. I'm not suggesting at all that you leave, I'm just pointing out the realities of Public Forums.

tommycat's picture
Posts: 790
Joined: Aug 2011

Beautifully put PhillieG.

Your Friend in California,


maglets's picture
Posts: 2596
Joined: Jun 2006

well said Phil....I have been waiting to see if you would join the fray.  There are a few old timers here like us Phil...it seems to me that the forum ebbs and flows.  It often boils over.....

Pete it is beyond me how you could ever imply that you have not received support here.  I have watched you from the very beginning and in my humble opinion you have received a great deal of support.  At times your path and your methods must have seemed quite strange to people here but still they have supported you. It would seem to me that a great deal of energy is being spent at this time. I wonder how much of that energy has to do with ego. This forum consists of many many individuals.....some of them may not be in a position to waste precious energy at this moment in their lives. Some are grieving, some are fighting, some are supporting and many are just trying to come to grips with the overwhelming news that cancer has just delivered.

I worry that these explosions absorb too much energy that could be put to better use ...supporting one another and particularly lending a hand and an ear to all the new people who arrive almost daily....




Sundanceh's picture
Posts: 4408
Joined: Jun 2009

You told me the other day that you didn't have any thing wise to say:)

I think that this is one of the SMARTEST posts that you've ever written!  I truly mean that with all my heart! 

Here's the ones that registered home with me...

"I wonder how much of that energy has to do with ego?"

Does the word NARCISSIST come to mind here?

"This forum consists of many many individuals.....some of them may not be in a position to waste precious energy at this moment in their lives. Some are grieving, some are fighting, some are supporting and many are just trying to come to grips with the overwhelming news that cancer has just delivered."

That’s a very important distinction to know and understand on this board.  I’ve found that at different times in our lives, people are On and Off the board all the time with cancer and life events.  Everyone is not always available to stroke someone’s fragile ego all the time on demand. 

A narcissist doesn’t understand human empathy, because the focus is always on themselves – the individual. Nothing else really matters to them.   They lack the innate capacity that the majority of us have to look beyond themselves and seek only to expand their own agenda. 

You and I and Phil have been around long enough to know of plenty of our friends who have passed away with a difficult cancer.  The constant insinuation that one is harder or more important than the others is an insult to new and old alike. 

 "I worry that these explosions absorb too much energy that could be put to better use ...supporting one another and particularly lending a hand and an ear to all the new people who arrive almost daily...."

A narcissistic personality does not recognize new folks and offer support and understanding – they can only see them as abstract objects that can be swayed and influenced to their way of thinking without ever considering another persons needs – in the old country they called this BRAINWASHING. 

Because the message is hammered home everyday – all day long. 

New folks are especially sensitive and indoctrination in the manner being presented might dissuade them from joining the conversation...seeing others called sheep from a modality that has proven successful might also hurt their feelings. I've seen a new poster confirm that thought I read.

Supposedly, it is in the form of ‘helping’ others – but it comes across as needing more than some of us can give...

I know narcissism...I grew up on my own with 2 narcissistic  parents - so I know what they look like - and what they sound like - and who they stand for...

Like most equations, you can do many things right – and then a wrong can undo all of that right.  Which is what we've got here right now. Folks are adult and can make up their own minds...so redundancy is not needed...we get it the first time.

And the verdict is out on whether this is right or will even work…any of it...so to wave it around like it's the gospel before results can be determined on a long-term basis and demand folks to convert or else... is sending the wrong message to everyone here. 

This could be construed as proselytizing...

It’s way too early to tell on many levels but the insistence that this is a 1-way road is part of the problem...I'm showing another way too, bit I don't suggest it's the way - just another way to reach the same goal.

There are too many cases like mine that dispute the current theories being that are being propagated on this forum too. I continue to do better than I ever have - by doing less and less.

Moderation allows you to sample life...if sugar was the killer...I'd have been dead before I ever got started...dead in treatment too...

Have a pbj sometimes too...insulin spikes haven't gotten me either...

Had a drink with liver cancer too...couple of days before surgery...I push my own bounds so I can answer my own cancer questions about all of the myths I've been told...only to show myself what the real truth is...

And that's enough for me anymore...

Great thoughts and post, Maggie!




herdizziness's picture
Posts: 3642
Joined: Apr 2010

I had started weaning myself away from here, I saw this as turning into Pete's forum and felt no longer wanted or needed.  I was rarely posting and because I thought I was the only one feeling that way.

thanks to the many posts I no longer feel so alone.

You my dear friend are much needed here, you let us know there are years one can live, I've sure enjoyed my past three and looking forward to more.  So as the others said, don't you even think of leaving or else I'll have to join the convoy to Texas and I'm in the middle of school!

Stay here and stay well my friend.

Winter Marie

annalexandria's picture
Posts: 2573
Joined: Oct 2011

Don't you DARE think of leaving here!  Your understanding of human nature, especially in the context of cancer, is too important to lose.  I'll come right down to Texas if I have to.  Don't make me show up on your doorstep.  AA

Maxiecat's picture
Posts: 544
Joined: Jul 2012

Let's organize a posse and round Craig up!   We can't afford to lose you Craig.... You are very much needed and wanted here.



LivinginNH's picture
Posts: 1458
Joined: Apr 2010


Count me in!  I'll get right on my horse and trot on down to Big O'l Texas with y'all!    :)

Posts: 1428
Joined: Feb 2011

WOW!!!   I've been doing a bit of travelling and haven't been able to read this board much lately....obviously I missed something......

PhillieG's picture
Posts: 4912
Joined: May 2005

If you've seen one you've seen them all. You really didn't miss anything.

Different cast, same old story

Posts: 2215
Joined: Oct 2011

Craig and Marie. We need you both here. I will join the posse to Texas and will continue on to CA if necassary to round you up as well Marie.

Posts: 60
Joined: Oct 2011







I follow with interest what you are doing but here on the other side of the world, I have been very fortunate with the traditional treatments I've received. You see, I was diagnosed Stage IV out-of-the gate in December 2011 at age 47. I had a lung nodule involvement.

First I had surgery for the lung met via VATS, then progressed to 6 infusions of Folflox. Next, I embarked on 28 daily radiation and chemotherapy treatments that produced a complete response to my large rectal tumor. I had a resection in September 2012 to remove the scar tissue where the tumor was initially located and received a temporary ileostomy. Next followed by 12 infusions of Folfiri. My Ileostomy was reversed in July 2012, 10 months after my resection.

The good news is all scans and tests show NED since my complete response to Chemo/radiation. Just last week, I had a colonoscopy and re-scan (having been PET Scanned every three months since surgery) to monitor my condition. I am very fortunate to retain an NED status and my oncologist has now moved me to follow-up at 6 month intervals. All treatment was received at a large national cancer institute hospital.

My point is everyone is different. Traditional medicine works on many and some are not as fortunate. Cancer is a mean disease with no simple answer. If it were, there would be a one-size fits all cure. I personally feel cancer is very individualized. I eat sugar and have what you call a "sweet tooth", exercise moderately, and have a high stress job.

While you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on new treatments, your patron physicians are certainly interested in you. Both because of the money you are spending on their services and providing a means to test their treatment approaches. If you were not spending the money- would their interest be there?  While my traditional treatment has cost my insurance hundreds of thousands of dollars as well, the traditional approach has provided success to many- even Stage IV folks like me.

My advice to you is do what makes you happy. You have to follow your heart to be at peace with your decisions. For me, I could never leave my children, family, and life to embark on what you are doing. I would rather have potentially limited time than to be absent and missing precious time with my children. Likewise, I would worry about preserving assets for my children. That's where we are different; however, please do not view that as criticism. 

Your choice is yours and I respect the differences we all maintain.  We are stamped with an unknown expiration date and we all must follow our own path in life. Time marches on for all of us, no matter if we have cancer or not. I wish the best to you my friend, I enjoy reading your posts, and request you likewise not condem the treatment decisions and circumstances of our peers.    





tachilders's picture
Posts: 313
Joined: Jun 2012

For those of us who do not respond as well to traditional therapy, it is encouraging to hear about alternatives that might work for us.  I was diagnosed stage 4 in June 2012, and have mets all over (lung, LN, liver, peritoneum).  They attempted resection of my primary tumor, but it had grown out of the colon and was too entangled with other important stuff to remove, so they gave me a colostomy to alleviate the blockage and sewed me back up.  I was then told my only option was chemo, and I would likely be doing that for the rest of my life.  I did 12 tx of FOLFOX + 10 avastin treatments, and got shrinkage but not a single tumor disappeared completely.  For the past 5 tx, I have been doing just 5FU + avastin ("maintenance chemo"), and had a CT scan after the 4th tx.  Results of that were no additional shrinkage anywhere, and maybe some slight progression in some areas.  As you can tell, standard chemo is not working very well for me.  The next option is FOLFIRI + avastin, but I am thinking instead to try to follow Pete's example and give the German clinic a shot.  I will only be going for 3 weeks initially, and then will see how the treatment works before deciding what to do next.  Unfortunately, I don't think FOLFIRI + avastin is going to be much more effectie than FOLFOX, so I need an alternative.  It won't be cheap, but if it buys me more time it may well be worth it.  I would never dare tell anyone else what to do, but for some of us, the traditional route doesn't look very promising.  The crazy thing is that I tolerated the chemo well, and generally feel very good 95% of the time, but the cancer inside me is not going away like it does in some people.


renw's picture
Posts: 282
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I am in the same boat, and traditional medicine has little left to offer me. Its been just 5 months since my initial diagnosis and neither first line folfox, or second line folfiri managed to shrink my extensive mets.It just happens that my specific mutation resulted in very efficient mechanism which enables my little mutants to pump the chemo drugs out of the cells before they can do much damage. The result is multi-drug resistance.

I am now looking at the metabolism pathway and I think this has a lot of merit. Glucose, glucogenesis, thyroid manipulation, metformin, dca are all on my hit list.

joemetz's picture
Posts: 493
Joined: Nov 2011

I don't mind the debate, but the personal attacks... it's hard for me to read, so I usually just bypass that, and get lost in the other stuff.

It is really cool to see the people who get tied up in the CSN battles, are passionate and also have been around awhile. So, there's something to be said for each person who not only challenges each other here, but I assume we also challenge our doctors because of something we've learned here.

For me the diet thing has been very difficult, as the first six months of chemo... I didn't want food and the last six months I WANTED food badly. And, most of the food i craved was starchy foods.  I haven't bought in on the strict diet or juicing... but I enjoy everyones thoughts and opinions.

My attitude has been "Hell, I already have cancer, and they're pouring in the chemo... what's wrong with a big baked patatoe?... What is this gonna kill me?"

In the past two weeks, I have challenged my doctors more than any other patient I think they've had. But, if I didn't have this CSN blog... and feel the passion of each one of you and your desire for knowlege and your desire to push for something new... well, I wouldn't be in a good space right now.

there have been times when my wife will say "why do you spend so much time on that site? It seems to really get you worked up"

I have met good people, only to learn that they die in the end.

I have heard of the typical "by the book" proceedures and I've learned about stuff that no one in my medical team would ever dream of telling me about.

I don't offer a lot of input or posts lately, as I am back to work now and pretty drilled down and focused on our business. But, trust me when I say that i never stop lerking, learning and soaking it all in.

But I can say... the thick arguements and battles... I skim over that stuff and try to get to the meat of the questions.

So, i encourage the challenges and the crazy ideas and different opions and methods to treat this battle. But, the personal attacks... I don't step in cuz you're all big kids and people who like to fight... well, they just like to fight.

I've over all this and hopefully the sharing of new, crazy or your passion for what you believe it doesn't stop.

Most people thought Steve Jobs, Albert Einstien, Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin and any others who didn't go mainstream... most people thought they were crazy wack-jobs.  But, in the end... they were right.  There were many others who had crazy ideas or beleived in something different who were not successful as they were wrong. But who's to decide who's wrong or right.

my two cents.

Hugs to my CSN fam.

Keep up the fight.



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I've been dealing with cancer on and off now for over 8 years, was dx with stage 4 in 2004. In all this time, I've never changed my diet, granted I eat well, I've never said no to anything. Good food helps me cope with the bullsh1t cancer brings. Nothing beats sharing a chocolate malt with your 10 year old:)  Both my parents had CRC, my mother died of this disease at the age of 69, and my father beat this disease, he was 57 when dx'd, and he died when he was 82. He almost died one year to the day of my mother, I believe he died of a broken heart:(  Someone in my family was destined to get this disease. I grew up in a large family with 5 brothers and 2 sisters, none of which have the disease, because of my illness they are more aware of CRC, they all were tested and routinely get colonoscopies. I've always took care of myself, I've always been in good shape, I don't smoke, unless I'm on fire:), I may have 1 or 2 drinks a week and I exercise routinely, but yet I got this disease!  I was the one-eight. Funny how things work out, I think I was the best prepared to deal with this disease.

As far as Pete is concerned, I'll read some of his material, but I mostly gloss over it. It's not my cup of tea. I don't have a problem with him posting his thoughts or methods, I take them with a grain a salt. But if it helps Pete, if it makes him feel better, let him post as much as he wants.  I liken this to Howard Stern the famous shock-jock, some love'm, some hate'm. If you don't like his message, don't tune the dial to his station. If you don't like Pete's message, don't read his post.

annalexandria's picture
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past the system's censor!  I sent a pm to someone with a couple of banned words in it and got "asterixed" all the way to heck and back.  AA

gizzyluv's picture
Posts: 144
Joined: Feb 2013

My goodness, I hope my quesiton regarding the protein drinks & sugar didn't play a part in getting all this started! I sure hope not. All I wanted to know is how all of you feel about cutting sugar out of your diet (or my husbands, in my case). And what kinds of protein drinks you recommend. I talked to my nieces husband who is a medical researcher who has done cancer research & this is the way he explained it to me (*NOTE-I am NOT in any way, shape or form trying to give anyone advice on what to do or not to do, I'm simply relaying what I was told.....) He explained it like this....He said that cancer cells DO feed on sugar (the "glucose" already in our bodies....) but to say that eliminating sugar from our diet will kill cancer cells just isn't so. He said basically the long & short of it is this....cancer cells WILL get what they need to survive, regardless of whether we take in sugar through our diet or not. He said that the cancer cells will get what they need, regardless, so we need to eat whatever we need to eat to stay alive. (he didn't use those exact words, but that's what he meant) He also said that yes, it would be in the best interest of EVERYONE (not only cancer patients) to exclude simple sugars from our diets, like sodas, & junk food, but to do so will not help or hurt the fact that there are cancer cells in your body....) He said that everyone needs to be eating a well balanced diet of lean protein, fresh vegetables & fruits & getting the daily allowances of vitamins & minerals. I'm sorry if this isn't "scientific" enough, but it was explained to me in a way that I understood, & it made total sense to me. I hope it helps you all too. And PLEASE, for goodness sake, everyone just GET ALONG! Everyone has opinions & ways of trying to deal with this devastating disease, so be it....deal with it the way you want to, but please don't try to shove things down others throats. OR, here's an idea.....if you don't think you're gonna like what you're about to read, don't read it. It's that simple. Thanks to everyone for the advice on the protein drinks & the sugar....I apprecitate all of your help! (((HUGS)))) Kris OH! I almost forgot....Jason is doing VERY well! His next (second) treatment is this upcoming Wednesday, the only bad side effect he has has is the mouth sores, but he got the magic mouthwash & they are much better than they were....I just hope he continues doing so well, & the side effects don't get worse the more treatments he has, but I'm afraid they will.....=(

pete43lost_at_sea's picture
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I just shared my ideas and passion, its just my passion and ways are not compatible with the majority here, and actually not in my best health to deal with all the negative feedback.

I think the ketogenic diet has alot going for it, I am trying it. Do you research, thats all I have ever said. Everyone can make up their own minds.

Its ok to be different if it helps save a life.

Goodluck to you and jason.



pete43lost_at_sea's picture
Posts: 3908
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I have read them all and played them over and over again in my head.

Its a public forum, all members can say what they want to any thread and as long as it complies with the terms and conditions its permited. FINE.

My reasons and motivations are clear, my cancer markers started rising.

I am doing the ketogenic diet, its trying, its hard and I was looking for some support.

I got a little support, and far more criticism, and those who expressed interest in my treatment were

challenged. I guess thats the nature of forums and the internet. 

thanks for the comments. I am in therapy 15 hours a day, the internet is very very slow here. so You wont so much of me from now on, but I will check in from time to time.

I have one life to save my own, its clear that my efforts to share information and my style of communitions have angered many and are clearly unwelcome here by most.

If I find my cure, I will come back and share it.

For all the support in the past thanks. Like arnie said in the terminator "I'll be back" when its the right time for me.



PS I hope this ends this thread and that all the ill feelings to pete have been vented, if not its to late as I want be reading anymore. But I thought I would thank the few kind words of support.

wawaju04976's picture
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Yep, another one has left the forum. I hope this bully realizes who she is. Everyone should be able to comment and share treatments. We are adults. Something that works for me might work for someone else. This bully has put down many things, juicing, my "purple juice" as she calls it, and other things. A couple of other people have mentioned leaving the forum. And it is because of a bully who is not content until she pulls up eons of back posts. It's pretty sad that someone seems to be happy by making others feel uncomfortable. I have not been here long, but I am smart enough to read and recognize bullying when I see it. Maybe she will read this and figure out who she is. I wish she would take the old saying...if you have nothing good to say, then don't say it. I guess the only way someone like this can feel good is by making others feel bad. I don't like to single out a person, but I have seen her do this to people in here over and over. We are all suffering, or we are here for someone we know who is suffering. I wish she'd stop making it worse by scaring people off.


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