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Going home!

Anonymous user (not verified)

After 22 days in the hospital, today is the day-- I am being released back to the wild!


Having a stem cell transplant has to be one of the most confusing & scary, yet uplifting things I have yet to experience in my life. Every last person that I have worked with here has overwhelmed me with kindness and help-- they have been some special people. I have laid many nights in this hospital bed mentally writing my thank you letter to each and every nurse, CNA, housekeeper, doctor here that made this possible.


While a lot of it is fuzzy, and I don't remember all of it-- if you're coming up on an SCT yourself, never hesitate to ask me if you have any questions / or just need a cheerleader. I'm as much here for you guys as you have been here for me!


Much love!


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You know they often release animals back "into the wild" because they can't breed in captivity Wink.

I'm so glad you're getting to go home!  Just take extra good care of yourself and give yourself time to recover.  Thank you for the wonderful news - it warmed my heart and made my day/week for sure. Please keep in touch when you feel like it.

Hugs and happy freedom!



Addendum: Nathan, I saw this video and had to post a link to it.  May we all soar! :). 

"Released into the Wild"

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  That is great news to hear !!! Always glad to hear good news. John

 BTW Jim I was wondering why they released you back into the Wild. Now I know. LOL. John

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Thanks for making me laugh really hard, John.  I'm not sure "they" would want any more of me out in the wild.

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So good to hear the news. Thanks for sharing your experiences as it gives me courage and hope for what I'm facing.

love, Liana

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Amen, Liana

Anonymous user (not verified)



Thanks so much for coming around, as it gives me a lot of encouragement myself! I can't wait to invite you to this side of the stem cell transplant... you are going to do this!


Have you had your stem cells collected yet? Let me know where you're at-- I hope it's a good place!



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Hi Nathan,

I am so happy for you being on the other side of all of this! While I understand that the recovery takes sometime, but what a relief it must be to be on the recovery side of it.

I have a pet scan next week, and if it's good enough, then mobilization will start next month, with the plan to do the collection the end of April. My high dose chemo is tenatively scheduled for mid may, and the transplant for May 20th. So I have a bit of waiting to do, but am confident that I will keep the proposed schedule. I had the inpatient R-ICE last week, and am currently dealing with the fatigue that it causes me. Should get my energy back over the weekend. I'm kind of looking forward to a couple of weeks with nothing but tests, no treatment, to prepare for the SCT. That means 2 weeks of energy and enjoying my family and my food. The treatment makes most food taste off, and my appetite is minimal.

You have had such a great attitude through all of this, it's infectious, and I will continue to be hopeful and try to be courageous. The process scares me a little, but I know I'll get through it, like you have, and get better. Enjoy your kitties now your home.



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What great news! I'm so happy to hear you made it through.  I have a good friend who went through it and is doing great.  You will too.  I'm so happy for you.  Please take extra good care of yourself.  And of course, please keep posting.  I look forward to it.

Love, Emily



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Hi Nathan.  I'm new to this site.  I'm happy for you.  I share your views on how amazing the vast majority of the care takers are.  For dealing with all of us who are not at our best at times they show an amazing ability to absorb the ugliness of the situation while still making it better for their patients.  Take care.  Mac 

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How wonderful to hear good news and to feel your spirit in your update!


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Hi Nathan,

 I am so happy for you! You went through a big deal and through it all you never gave up and kept such a good attitude. Now you reap the reward...homeward bound!! Yippee! Keep in touch. Best wishes...Sue

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So Happy for you Nathan!

Just take care of yourself and take it easy (((HUGS)))!



Anonymous user (not verified)

The transition to home was kinda tough, and it's been a new experience to live here again. However, as usual, each and every day gets that much better. Things are still foggy and confusing, but there has been plenty of help to get me through this.


I sure am a lucky guy! I'm very hopeful about the treatment being succesful!


Thanks for all the love guys, and it's been so nice to have a place to talk about this and piece everything back together! Cheers!



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Welcome home again, Nathan.  Don't worry about being foggy or confused.  You've been through a major ordeal that has impacted you physically, mentally and psychologically.  Take things slow and easy, one day at a time and listen to your body and rest when you need to and then rest some more :).  Be good to yourself and know this takes time.  I can't help but think of "Dorothy" from "The Wizard of Oz" - her house being sucked up by a tornado, whirled around in that funnel and finally landing in Oz.

You're not in Kansas anymore kid, and the wicked witch that house killed has a name - "cancer".  

Hugs - Jim



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So very happy for you that you are finally home!  Hey don't worry about being a bit fuzzy- I'm fuzzy and I haven't had a SCT!  :) 

I pray for you every day and will continue to do so.  God Bless and keep doing what you've been doing.  You are an inspiration.





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Hi Nathan,

A bit late in respondong to your homecoming. Welcome home.

I hope you have been able to settle in a bit and find your new normal. I would think that over time you will feel more and more at ease and less a stranger in your own home and body.

You have been through a great amount lately, and always seem to find a moment or two for the rest of us.

I'm sending all the positive energy I can muster your way. Huge hugs too.

Thinking of you and so happy that you are home.


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We too want to add our congrats.  At least the worst part is over and you can only go upward from here, (not in the tornado tho).  Know it will probably happen slowly, but as everyone else says, be patient and take special care of yourself.  You'll be the expert when this is all over and a good mentor for Liana.  Best Wishes, Bill and Becky

Max Former Hodg...
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Bless your recovery, Nathan.  You have gone through more intensive treatments than most -- more than I and many others can imagine.  May you never need cancer treatment again. It may take years for you to realize it, but all of this will make you a stronger person.


Anonymous user (not verified)

I appreciate your kind note.

No matter the intensity of the treatments, we're all stronger from each time we step up to the uncertainty of any drug or radiation beam. It's crazy what we are willing to do for a chance at a little more life! Lots of brave folks around here Cool


I'm still feeling better every day, so I know this must be it for the cancer treatment. I've been told the odds, and they still seem quite doable. I'm going to err on the positive side and just enjoy life for what it is and has become. 

I'm definitely still collecting myself! wooo! -Nathan






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Keep on going!  You will absolutely do it!

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I am delighted to hear that things are going well so far! Glad to hear you are back home! Not too long ago, I thought maybe I was staring an SCT in the face too, but as it turned out, I haven't needed one so far. I'm hoping it stays that way. If it doesn't, I know now who's brain to pick. :)

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Nathan I have primary cns nonhodgkins.  Iv'e had 4 rounds of induction chemo.  All my tests have been great.  My MRI of my brain shows a area tha they don't know if its scar tissue from the surgery or ca.  They want to do stem cell on me or consolidation chemo.  Which works Better.  I'm so confused.



Anonymous user (not verified)


I wish I knew the answer to your question. I was given the option of autologous stem cell transplant or radiation to my liver. The radiologist scoffed at the idea, so I did the STC. I also had a another opinion, and he also suggested the STC.


Maybe you should seek a second opinion before deciding? Although I ended up sticking with my same doctor, I still felt better having a second look at my particular case. Someone here may also have experienced similar and have some input.. that happens a lot around here :)


Whatever you may choose, may it kick the cancer in the butt. -Nathan

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