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Great news!

CSN is getting an upgrade. All of your posts will still be here, but the website will have a new look, new features and be mobile-friendly. To prepare for the changes, the site will be down briefly at the end November. We’ll continue to provide updates as we get closer.    


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how do i add friends??

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On the CSN home page to the far right column there is a place listed to Add Friends.

You will need to know the member's CSN name.

Marie who loves kitties

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To send someone email just click on the screen name and it will give you the option to send someone a email.  We will be anxious to hear how surgery went. 

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"how do i add friends??"

If you have PayPal, you can send me $4.00 and I'll add you to my list!

Seriously? I have no idea. This website's software change has messed witrh many a mind. Where it once was easy to "add a friend", it now seems impossible to do so.

We should send a private message to Greta, and see if she can find out for us.

But do know in the meantime, everyone here is your friend and always will be!

Best hopes for a healthy future,


Marie's suggestion does work! Go to the CSN homepage (click on the American Cancer Society logo; top left). To the far right, you will see CSN Members. Scroll down to where it says: Add more friends. Click on that, and type in the individual's name in the "search bar". When you get the results of the search you will see to the right of the name, the words: Add a friend. Click on that and Bingo... you're be in their Last Will and Testament (and vice-versa). (thank you Marie!)




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