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All is good! =>

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Well, turns out the 'problem' with Jason's port wasn't a problem with 'it' at all....it was 2 incompetent nurses & 1 doctor that apparently needs glasses. (there were 2 nurses who tried to access it yesterday without success & then the hospital dr. looked at the x-ray & said the port was put in upside down....) Well, the surgeon who operated on Jason last month & also put the port in came in this morning, examined him,  then said "so, what's this I hear about a problem with the port?" The nurse assisting him said "yes, it was put in upside down"....the surgeon excuses himself, turns & walks out of the room, returns with a packet & wearing gloves. He took out a needle & tubing, pulled Jasons gown down, told him he might feel a sting, & ta da....needle in, port accessed. So, I have no idea what the hospital dr. was looking at on the x-ray to say it was upside down, but at this point who cares, right? Jason had his CT Scan done at 2:00 this morning & there was no blockage (Yay!) so now we're just waiting to see the oncologist to see where we go from here & when the chemo can start! I'm SO over waiting! I want it done.....yesterday! ((((HUGS))))) to you all! Kris

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Quite a shockmto learn that the nurses and resident Docs are trained to this extent ! May I know which hospital in the USA is this ?

For the money they charge you should be expecting a bit or even a lot more professionalism and training from the drs and nurses who deal with the patients . I am sure the chemo nurses And the resident drs are not just trainees and have experience etc. Surely , they don't expect their pay and salary to match their incompetence And inexperience. Least they could have done was not expect that the surgeon would be that careless and the fault or overlook was on their part. They could have checked and rechecked or got a more experienced nurse to deal with this.

Such instances give quite a scare And question your belief in the after care. Having the top notch surgeon and oncologist is negated if the after care is left to lethargy ! Dont want to blame anyone here but I would be pretty upset at such an instance. I am sure the surgeon must have given a proper dressing down to the nurses etc.

Hope this is your last exposure tom such instances and things proceed well for you in future.


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As I mentioned in the other post, things can turn around quite quickly. I'm happy they did. I hope his chemo can commence asap. You will both feel better once it starts. Waiting and wondering is stressful. It will do you good to know that your actively working to kill the cancer.


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When you say "tried to access it" do you mean they couldn't get the needle in, or they couldn't get a blood return after insering the needle?  The latter can happen quite easily if the port line is laying against the wall of the vein, or if a sheath of stuff forms over it.  I was having a problem getting consistent blood returns, so they added some TPA to my port at the last pump disconnect, and this time we got a beautiful blood return instantly...


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Were they hesitant to give you the TPA, Ted? I had to throw a fit before they finally administered the TPA. It wasn't pretty. He's had it a couple of times since. Works well. Apparently it's very expensive.

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Not hesitant at all, and in fact they mentioned it several times before they finally did it.  I had such good flow in that they weren't too concerned about the lack of a blood return, plus I would get one occasionally.  After the TPA, they got instant blood returns on the next treatment and at pump removal.


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what a rollercoaster ride. Happy that it turned out this way.

A big hug from germany


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Not all nurses are trained in drawing  blood from the port, mostly just chemo nurses draw from the port.  When my husband was in the hospital, the nurses did not use the port for IV or drawing blood.    I was also surprised by this.

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I'm so glad things weren't as bad as they could've been. Kinda scary that the doc and nurses messed up.  Oh well onward and upward. Pray chemo goes smooth.

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So glad to hear things worked out well for you and Jason!  How stressful for you guys to have to go through that port issue with everything else on your plate! Good luck with chemo beginning...sending positive energy to you both!!

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I am so glad to hear that your surgeon got the port accesed with no trouble.  Too bad about the nurses and th Dr. A bit scary too.

So, here's hoping that the chemo starts pronto, and that the food and drink keep down. Once he can keep the drink down, make sure he's 'well watered' (sorry, a rancing term). Really, keep him dydrated and flushed of those chems. 

Good luck! We're all behind the both of you. 

- SUE -

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Good to hear he got followed up on by the actual surgeon who installed the port  and it was all sorted out.    Good luck with the chemo. treatments.  

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I'm glad they got the problem with the port sorted out. I just could not imagine it being put in backwards! I hope to hear soon that Jason has started treatment and is feeling better. Thinking of you.


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