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checking in

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Hi everybody.  Just thought I'd drop in to say sorry for not posting lately.  I am fine but been fighting bronchitis and a horrible cough that I just cannot shake.  It's exhausting and by the end of the day after talking on the phone all day I am ready to pass out early.  I have a really bad habit of reading in bed and falling asleep way too early.  Today was one of those days.  I've been up since 3 a, let me tell you there is NOTHING worth watching on TV at that time.


I hope everyone is doing well and life has calmed down for all of you.  We've had 2 major snowstorms here in Kansas in 4 days time and we are suffering from snow pilitis....they are everywhere!  


Well, take care everyone and know I think of you all, even if I don't post much.



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Great to hear from you dixigirl... As long as your loved ones and you're fine we are happy... Thank you very much for letting us know how you are...lots of luv...

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I am glad you are well, Dixie. I too have a bad cold or some form of bronchitis, which is going around.  Sleep is very curative for the body, so sleep as much as possible.

My father grew up in Rooks County, Kansas -- in the center of the state. His father was a sizable wheat farmer.  I will buy ten acres in the middle of nowhere and retire out there, if I have the money. It has a rare beauty about it.


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Hi Beth,

Really nice to hear from you, I hope you get well soon but with all that snow and cold air it must be harder. My mom also lived in Kansas City, I remember going to visit her on a hot summer day and with my luck they had a tornado watch that day! I almost sh#*%ed my pants hahaha, I lived in California at the time and we only had to deal with earthquakes (tornadoes really freak me out)! I guess you get used to everything, while I was running around in panic, my mom was just sitting there like nothing was wrong looking at me like I was crazy...lol 

take care and sending you a warm hug from TX :)



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Max Former Hodg...
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All of the houses in central Kansas have cellars to rush into when that "freight-train" noise starts. I grew up in Charleston, SC, where hurricanes are the thing. My grandmother said that the thought of a hurrican terrified her, but they went through tornados as if they were nothing.

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Hi Beth!  Great to hear from you.  Hate to hear about the bronchitis - I've had lots of problems with my sinsuses and resulting respiratory issues this year and a lot of things have been going around as well.  Glad you're doing well otherwise.

Hug your dog for me and hugs from me,


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Hi Beth,

   So glad to see you check in! Sorry you are having a spell with bronchitis...seems upper respiratory infections have been rampant this year. My hubby had to take 3 different antibiotics and 2 rounds of high dose Prednisone before he finally kicked his sickness to the curb. I lucked out and only caught a mild cold this winter that went away quickly. Sorry about the snow too....March 21 is the first day of spring, so hopefully your snow will melt and no more snowfalls for the rest of the year! So glad to hear from you...Love...Sue

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Glad to see you post.  I am not on much either but just signed in and saw your post.  Sorry you are sick.  We have some cold weather in Tampa Fl area but it never lasts long.  I know you will be happy for Spring to appear.  Take care of yourself .  Life is so precious and I thank God everday for feeling well. I retired Jan 18th and I just love it:)  I hope you will be well soon.    Joanie

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