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any further treatment to prevent reaccurance of brain tumour

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I was operated for grade 2 astrocytama arround 2 yrs back and again arround 4 month back for grade 3 astrosytama along with radio therpy treatment for 6 weeks with oral Temodar capsules. Though i feel well but do i need any further treatment to prevent it to reaccure

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Any trial with Avastin has an extention benefit for life without getting sick from Chemo-Temodar. In fact, Avastin is a proven alternative but without financial assistance or insurance, this Avastin is unaffordable for many Brain Cancer Patients. It has its pros and cons and must be monitored and administered by your Doctor Neurologist as well as a Cardiologist for additional protection against Avastins side effects. Something to think about.

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My son had a malignant tumor removed in 2009. There were two types of cells, & they were grade II & III.  He had some new cells in 2010, but chemo took care of that.  He is now on a preventive treatment of Avastin every 3 weeks.  He is on Medicare & so far his treatment has been paid for.  One of the serious side effects of Avastin is stroke, which he had in 2011.  However, his doctor is convinced that the cancer cells would return with a vengence without Avastin.  His tumor was diffuse, meaning spread out like a hamburger patty.  The cancer was astrocytoma & glialsarcoma.  The Avastin doesn't attack his white blood count like the chemo did.   

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