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Dr. Terry Wahls Diet

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Based on suggestions here, I've ordered Keith Block's book "Life Over Cance"r, which I believe also has diet/nutritional information (I'm hoping it does).

I was wondering if anyone has read Dr. Terry Wahls' books? She has a couple of books out about a nutritional program she followed that helped her dramatically with her multiple sclerosis. I'm just wondering if there is any overlap with her approach and other dietary approaches that have been suggested for cancer? (Her plan was developed mainly to help her with her MS). I've decided to hold off on her book until I've read more of the other books that have been suggested here that are more cancer-targeted.

Thanks for any feedback.


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Todd, Block's excellent book is principally about nutrition! You'll find a lot of overlap and similarly with David Servan-Schreiber.

You and I are the same height but you weigh 50% more than I do, which is better for me than it is for you!

Clearly you're taking a lot of charge of your own health.  Even if you don't take on those authors' recommendations in their entirety, but make a significant move in the right direction, I can guarantee you're in for some very pleasant surprises about how much better you'll feel. I applaud your efforts to look after yourself better and can hardly wait to hear about all of the benefits that will come out of it.

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I made several changes when the tumor was found and some of the weight has come off. As Neil said, "no sugar" is one I'm trying hard (and sometimes failing) to follow. I was taking in too much sugar before (and fat and dairy).

Hopefully if I can keep up with changes to diet and keep walking, my weight will approach yours. About 3 years ago I was at 185 pounds. I think the weight (and perhaps even the tumor growth) were all related to a very stressful life I had created for myself.

I've taken this tumor as a call to conscience to make some changes.

Funny how death can light a fire under your you-know-what. If anything, it's certainly been motivational.


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Hi Todd, I have both books.

Both of them are extremely helpful.  But you should start with Dr. Block's book first - just as you are doing.

He is focused totally on cancer patients.  Dr. Wahls is not.  Although it is interesting to see how much overlap they share in terms of the supplements they recommend.

The biggest differences between them is in regards to diet. Block emphasizes lots of veggies and fruits (as does Wahl).  But Block also advocates no red meat or poultry, etc. Not even pasture grass-fed beasts. Instead, he advocates extremely lots of fish and seafood (3 or 4 servings per week).  Wahls, on the other hand, is all for having some pasture fed meat and eggs.  She is also big on organ meats (heart, liver, tongue, etc.). But for her: no grains or legumes...

Sounds rather confusing, right?

If you read my document you will see that I attempt to explain the rationale behind these various different approaches.  There is no one "right" way - although there are some common no-no's. The most important one is: NO SUGAR.






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