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hemoglobin at 9 , platelets 127 k , blood transfusion recommenced

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midway blood reports just came in


hemoglobin at 9. 1 ( it was below 10 since before the surgery 2.5 months back)

platelets 127000


the onc is recommending a blood transfusion but i am not so sure if thats a good idea


has anyone here had a blood transfusion? please share your experiences and any tips !!

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but we had this discussion a few months ago.

search for the post and read it, I am on my last legs with removab and I got to have lunch.

marie and I had an interesting discussion about it


do your research vinaykumar, its a very interesting question and another risk I see to convnetional therapies.

as a suggestion, at printout all the research about immune system and blood trasfusions.

I have emailed my phd researcher friend, to see if he has got some studies we can share with oncologists.



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hi pete....that discussion was about total blodd transfusion. the one the onc has recommended is supplmental blood transfusion to boost the hemoglobin and platelets

in any case...i look fwd to what your phd frd has to say abt total transfusions!

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My dad 's hb is 8 and platelets are 1.5..everytime they go down a bit,platelets are given to him and it almost instantly boost both hb and platelets..not sure why blood transfusion is needed...


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We dont do blood.  I wonder why he has not giving you the Procrit shot that will boost those red blood cells fast.   My husband had to have the shot when he was in the hospital.  For about 24hr it messes with your blood pressure but that was the only side affect.  They also infused him with iron, his RBC was 6.7 due to complications from the surgery.  After the shot, he quickly went up to 10.5.  Blood transfusions can have some bad side affects.

Just my thoughts and experience.Smile

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Not cancer related however and many years ago.  If you are on hormonal, biological (like Avastin or Erbitux) or radiotherapy you cannot get the proscrit shot and require a blood transfusion. In our OOU unfortunately I see a lot of blood transfusion (I say unfortunately because I tend to faint at the sight of blood) every day there are at least 2 or 3 transfusions going on.

i didn't have any problems with the platelet transfusion and I know just one,a that was next to me getting a transfusion told the nurse that about half way through he was starting to feel much better and felt more energy(he had severe anemia).

wish I could be more informative for you.

Winter Marie

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My hemoglobin was down to 6 so onc had me get 3 units of blood rigway away. It does help a little with the energy and probably was necessary.  My plate letters are low 55000.  The transfusion took several hours.  Pray your counts get better.  Jeff

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Steve has had many blood transfusions. He has never had a problem. Which really doesn't mean much. I too have heard that they can make a big difference in terms of energy and strength. Infection is the main risk.

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thanks for d inputs!! will probably get the transfusion done sometime mid next week. trying to arrange blood which has been in storage for less than 7 days. i read that d blood stored longer has less oxygen carrying capacity and can inturn harm the immnue system

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I have and would trust my life with this friend, read into it what you will. I said I would share  the reply and I have. don't shot the messenger or his friends.  If I get the studies, i will post them, it should be enough of those interested to get some decent research results. Its not my cup of tea. Ironically I have donated blood and plasma for many many years. I though I was help[ing, I know I was, but like all things in life the devil is in the detail. I am seeking to raise awareness by highlighting issues, and certainly to change anyones mind. please ask your own questions and do your own research. thats said i may help you know what questions to ask and limit the pubmed searches to a reasonable volume. my friend who wrote the email is a phd blood bank researchers, that is good enough for me. I put his reply here word for word. he is an amazing underwater videographer. we are multi dimensional people . like cancer is multi factorial.
Hi Peter.
Yes, advise everyone not to get transfusions with cancer treatment. Most studies on this topic published in scientific journals are about transfusion for blood loss during tumor resection surgery. Since allogenic blood is immunosupressive, a transfusion may "help" individual cancer cells dislodged during the operation to survive, lodge in a few site and therefore metastasis results. A patient is better off being anaemic for a while, and can always have iron supplements and EPO to get blood counts back without resorting to a transfusion. Haemoglobin levels can be tollerated way below the current trigger levels for transfusion.
Having a transfusion to top up blood counts resulting from the side effect of chemo is also a possible cause of immunosupression-associated tumor recurrence.
Anyhow, how is your treatment going? Please be aware that there are many new and experimental immunotherapies for various cancers, which claim to be targetted but are not. Some of these immune modulators have side effects that are as bad as chemo.
I have a DVD to show ypu about the toxic and fatal effects of one of these immune modulators used to treat skin cancers. What is also shown in this doco is how to make Black Salve, a natural agressive and effective cure for surface and metastatic skin cancer, and it has also been used to eliminate colon cancer. Also note that it is now illegal to buy and sell Black Salve in most western nations thanks to the huge influence on policy and law exerted by Big Pharma.
I have spme Black Salve and will soon do a test run on some benign skin spots.
Lets talk mor about this.
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thanks for posting this pete....


however i have noticed that there are multiple clinical trials and treatments avalible which use allogenic blood transplant ( with enhanced NK cell andt cells ) along with light dose chemo to kill of t reg cells 



maybe these guys only use the extracted t and nk cells and not the immunosupressive components of allogenic blood...

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