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Have you heard of Christina Cooks?

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I was watching the create channel (one of PBS/American Public Broadcasting channels) and have seen a few shows by a lady who goes by the name of Christina Cooks. To be honest, veganism and herbal remedies are not my thing. However, while watching a show of hers when she cooked with Tempeh, some kind of tofu like product. She was talking about what spices, minerals, etc are in certain foods and what part of the body they help. I was totally amazed. The recipes were all vegan (no cow milk used...she used things like almond milk) and they actual looked good.

She calls herself America's Healthy Cooking Teacher. I think she does a very good job.

I learned from her that cinnamon helps regulate blood sugars..keeps them from spiking I guess.

Anyway, I think she is worth checking into. And believe me, I am totally surprised I am into her!!!

Here are some links for her recipes, shows, etc:



I think I will be researching her books and finding one I like to purchase.

Hope you check her out and enjoy as much as I do!!!

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I have not heard of her, but I will check out the website.  My mom always said that this herb was good for this, a certain vitamin for something else, etc. 

Thanks I will look her up.


Lynn Smith
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I wonder about tofu etc.Never got into it but thought about it.I just remember wanting to take Ensure and my oncolgist was adamant NO.To much soy. I just never read up or checked out the tofu etc stuff.I know a young lady who was 25 when dx with breast  cancer.Not long after me. The person who told me about her said "it's all that vegan tofu stuff she ate.She wouldn't even eat cheese or drink milk.Her diet was very limited. It's healthy but never checked on it and now would ask my doctor.The tofu and the Ensure might be totally different.

Many times what I eat now I check.My doctor told me a little soy (like a cookie) is OK but not large amounts of soy.   

Lynn Smith  

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Her cookbooks and shows are not all about tofu and tempeh. She has a lot of need ideas to vegan living and I love her knowldege of what foods can do what do help certain parts of the body and functions!

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