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Tumour Devascularization

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I was not going post any more of my reseach on this forum, but have been asked to do so by a few people, so this is just for you. I spent about 2 months researching Tumour Devascularization, also known as Devitalzation. In a nutshell this procedure involves ligating all blood vessels feeding a tumour, and allowing the tumour to necrotize. The science says that when cancer cells die in this way, it creates a sustained immune reaction lasting over two weeks. In many cases this was enough to clear all distant mets and offer a potential cure.

The procedure was pioneered in the Czech Republic, but has been banned for the last 10 years. It is currently used in veterinary medicine to cure cancer, with cure rates of up to 80% reported by vets and demonstrated in animal studies. There are many case studies available that show complete remissions following the procedure.

Devitalization was banned following the only clinical trial. The trial treated 56 terminal patients and showed no benefit. The trial was flawed, because this procedure needs a healthy immune system to work. Using terminal patients, immediatelly after several lines of failed chemo, meant that they had very little immune system left. The trial did show however that the procedure was safe, even for terminal cancer patients, with no septic reactions reported. What is very unusual in ths case is that the Czech Government banned the procedure, threatning to prosecute any surgeon who performed it. This sort of reaction, for a procedure that showed no real harm to patients is unheard off. One can not help but wonder if a possible effective treatment, that is cheap and without the need for chemo is just too much of a threat to some interests.

The full story with additional info: http://www.mcrc4.com/?p=166
And my experience: http://www.mcrc4.com/?p=169

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It would be interesting to know if the "de-tox" type actions of things like oral+IV vitamin C, silymarin and N-acetyl cysteine that might improve tolerability.  The critters produce more vitamin C than us (essentially none).   I've seen medical reports showing reduction of, or disappearance of, symptoms for 5FU-LV, Xeloda, Folfiri, and in our case, 5FU-folic acid toxicity, with high dose vitamin C. 

You are adding original finds to community awareness, pls keep up the terrific research effort.


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I have a 90g IV C 3x a week. I suffer from nausea all the time, but not on the days I have the IV. So yes, for me IV C does indeed help with chemo side effects. My onco hates me doing this as he is convinced that this will interfear with his chemo however.

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Excellent post!


Using the immune system to resolve health issues, is a goal that should be chosen over any toxic and cancer-causing remedies.


Some more information regarding Tumor Devascularization:


Journal of Vascular Surgery


Embolization provides for Devascularization



the ultimate aim is to achieve tumor Devascularization.



Googling “Tumor Devascularization” will bring forth over 3 million web sites/pages dealing with Devascularization. Various procedures are being used to accomplish it, all of which are presently and legally being used in the USA.


The sensitization of the immune system to the chemicals given off by a dying cancer tumor, has been noted in medical journals for years. Once sensitized, the immune system can identify single cancer cells. If the immune system is healthy, it will attack those specific cells and remove them.


The problem with our immune system, is that it does not identify and remove the damaged cell, leaving it behind to continue it’s life using the fermentation process as a cancer cell.


Teaching/training the immune system to recognize the difference between a healthy good cell and a severely damaged good cell gone rogue, is the key to resolving cancer forever.


That last statement is not “my opinion” alone, as noted by a simple Google search for

“training the immune system to identify cancer cells”


“Tumor Devascularization” may be a very viable way to accomplish the task of retraining the immune system, but as Ren stated, the immune system has got to be healthy for it to do it’s job!


Since chemotherapy and/or radiation damages the immune system, it compounds the problem for us…….


Thanks for the info, Renw!


Best wishes,




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Cutting off the blood supply makes complete sense, I don't understand why this isn't done.    You'd think they could do it with a needle much in the same way they treat vericose veins in the legs.   Seems so much easier and less expensive than using Avastin!!! 

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Starve a tumor?

In theory many things are very simple. Just like the comment John made about getting the body to recognize the difference between a healthy cell and a damaged cell. It's very basic, it's a simple idea, and it's totally true. But our bodies are so complex which is why often things become very complicated.

It's like saying if everyone in the World would get along we'd have Peace.
Simple concept, tough execution...

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the logic above is sound and its unfortunate that this wasnt researched further.

but i wonder if someone would be willing to do half of this procedure. which is exposing the resected tumor to autologus t cells and dendritic cells and creating a more potent cancer vaccine. i bet this can be done as creation of dendritic vaccines is quite similar process.

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I believe There are clinical trials for this technique at NIH for HPV cancers.  Thought I'd pass it along.

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