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Anybody know about liver failure?

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My Husband has swollen legs and feet, and bloating stomach, also very short of breath. (CRC with mets to liver and peritoneum). He sees Oncologist tomorrow Mon 18 Feb - expecting bad news. Doctor has confirmed his symptoms are due to liver failure. Just wondered if there are any experiences of loved ones who have had these symptoms and timeframe before passing and what to expect? Thanks heaps. Rubyrose

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You really, really need to get other opinions from other colorectal surgeons. They have to be physicians that are not of the same group or organization.


There have been marked advancements in surgery, but very little in chemical therapy or radiation.


You need to get other opinions before you run out of time.


My very best hopes for you both.



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Those symptoms sound kind of concerning...I would want to get it checked out.  Keep us posted!  Ann Alexandria

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See Onco tomorrow.

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Hi Rubyrose,

I'm truly very sorry that your husband is going through this.  You may not remember, but I had sent you a PM in late December on this topic.  You may send me a note if you'd like.  Again, I'm so very sorry...



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My liver is 70% gone and started to fail. I had very swolen liver, bloating and jaundice. I had severe liver pains to a point where it was almost impossible to breathe. I started taking silymarin to help the liver and did as much excercise as I could. Even though it was very hard at the time, I always felt better after excercise so I continued. Eventually all symptoms went away, though my liver is still mostly cancer, the little that is left seems to work better now and even my liver function tests improved. Hot baths helped a lot with liver pain too I found.

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My husband did have all those symptoms in July.  His Dr. put him on a potent diuretic and drained the ascites from his stomach (peritoneum?).  Roger only had to have it drained once and once it was done he felt relief right away, prior to having it drained he could hardly walk without getting winded. Then he started taking a daily diuretic and wore compression socks, it took a few days for the fluid in his feet and legs to leave.  He is now on vectibix and is doing quite well.  Rash can be bothersome but the chemo is holding tumors down and a little shrinkage, slow and steady wins the race. (65% of his liver is full of tumor) Good luck with your appt. tomorrow.  Hope he has some relief soon.  KimLaughing


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Rubyrose I'm so sorry that your husband is suffering with the acities.  My experience with friends who have gone through this is that they can last for up to 5 months before passing or a few weeks.  It all depends on the person.  I would urge you to get another opinion if you are not confortable with your current oncologist and I'd also like to suggest that perhaps seeing a TCM Dr. will help to make your husband more comfortable.  While I haven't seen any miracle cures with TCM, I do know of a number of people who have had their quality of life improved greatly prior to passing.  The TCM Dr. can make an herbal tea that will help to get rid of all the fluids that are puttting a strain on other organs.  It's much better than going to have the fluids drained at the hospital. 

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Thanks Luvinlife2. We see the Onco this arvo so will ask all the questions about draining the fluid. Rubyrose

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TCM stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is actually a college here in Santa Cruz that teaches TCM.

Winter Marie

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