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For Those Of You Following My "Soap Opera"

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Not quite sure, but I believe I mentioned an upcoming Urologist visit for my hubby. He has now had another setback. Last week, the Urologist scheduled an in office Cystoscopy for today. He was unable to complete the procedure, but was able to determine that there is a partial bladder blockage due to the inept treatment he received in the Emg. room in Dec. So he is scheduled for surgery to try and repair that on Feb. 22. That's right around the time he'll be getting all his teeth pulled. Still waiting for the insurance authorization for doctor and hospital for that. Can't even fathom all these charges. That will make 5 hospitals and countless doctors since this started, and doesn't even include MDA or any of their doctors or cancer related treatment. Of course, we have insurance, and I'm not really complaining because I know all of us have the medical bills. I'm just overwhelmed.

We were able to complete the lung radiation mapping yesterday. I expect the rads to start around Feb 26. followed by chemo on Feb. 28.

This is so much to have done in a small time span, but he is doing the best that he can.

It's not really a "soap opera" and I'm not laughing, but you all get it.

Please throw good vibes and thoughts, and prayers, if you wish, our way for smooth sailing.





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I wish you and I could get together tonight and do a couple shots of Jack Daniels. Hope things start to look up soon.


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Always positive from here!

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I can't believe all the procedures in such a short period of time. I will be praying there won't be any problems.  Jeff

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Heavenly Father, we call upon you this day. And thank you for the grace you give to us. Lord we know you have a perfect plan for each of us and we will surly trust in you. We humbly ask you to be with Wolfen and her husband in these upcoming weeks and we ask that you work through your health care providers to bring healing to Wolfen's husband. This we ask of you today.

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You put the "T" in Texas, sweetheart!


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Phil, the special prayer was so nice.

Chels, Meet you at the bar.

Craiger, now I know how our boys felt at the Alamo.

Luv All Of You,


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We are sending our thoughts and prayers for some health answers, from your friends in the mountains of AZ.


Best Always, mike 

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I wish whoever schedules this universe could get his/her act together and give people a break.  Thank goodness for insurance at least...but the rest is too much. I don't blame you in the slightest for feeling overwhelmed.  I hope once you all get through this next stretch, you get a well-deserved chance to take a breath!  AA

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that is not right that you have to deal with ins & the bladder problem. and also think about the treatments. you guys are really going thru a lot. prayers to lighten your load.



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Sending all of you love and prayers.  I hope things start settling down and you all get a break.




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So much going on! I'm sorry about the setback and hope things get better with the urology issues. Your hubby must be a real trouper. Well heck, your whole family is. I think things are always better when you have an actual plan with actual start dates and know that something is going to be done. I will join the others in sending good vibes, prayers and thoughts - I think of you all the time because of our mutual situation with our girls, and now with all the other stuff you're facing. Geeze. Sure hoping for some good news to come your way for JBG and your hubby - and the sooner, the better. Take care of YOU too!!!


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for you, your hubby and wonderful girl. 



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