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Quick Update - Progress Continues

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Hi, all. Again, sorry for my absence. Quick recap: 43yo male, father of 2, diagnosed stage 4 grade 4 rcc back in April 2012. Removed left kidney, adrenal, and some more parts and slices in May 2012. Started Sutent June 2012 or so and have been using Gerald White's MAARS program since then. Had good results. On to the update. Latest scan took place on 12/17/12. In summary, it was darned good. What started as "innumerable metastatic nodules" in my lungs came back as "tiny redidua or prior metastatic disease". The mass in my right kidney remains off the scan, appearing only as "evidence". The lesions on my right adrenal gland and the paraspinal one continued to reduce in size, although not as much as last time. Really couldn't be more pleased with my progress. So those under treatment or with less time dealing with this, stay the course, fight the good fight and keep working it. I'll do my best to make more frequent visits as I think my progress may help others. Love to you all . . . - Vin

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Welcome back Vin.  That's wonderful news from the front line - keep it coming (and keep on with what you're doing!).

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Best news I've heard today Vin. Welcome back and don't be a stranger. Keep these excellent progress reports coming.

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