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Flaxseed Oil....

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This is a site that was sent to me by a good friend of mine. The man (Mr. Beckwith) was my friends grandfather, so that made me much more apt to believe what is being said. So, I thought I'd share it with everyone on here & you can use your own judgment, but you better believe I'll be buying some Flaxseed Oil!


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Flaxseed oil is given as part of the budwig protocol, together with cottage cheese. There are other extreme diets such as grapes only, 31 day vegeteble juice only diet, water ony diet etc..

Such diets are heavily promoted by alternate treatment sites, but I don't believe they work as cures. There is quite a lot of research into diets and its effect on cancer. Studies show that most extreme diets can slow down the concer growth. Some examples: high fat low carb diet, high protein low carbs, vegan with low sugar, and even a diet that is mostly sugar and little else can slow cancer growth. Such diets restrict, some critical nutrients that the cancer cells need to replicate , thus slowing their growth.

So back to flaxseed oil, if you eat flaxseed and cottage cheese only, then yes it will probably slow down the cancer growth. Just adding flaxseed oil to normal diet will probably do little.

flaxseed is high in omega-3, but its a different form of Omega-3 that the body can't use directly. I personally would go for fish oils instead as source of omega-3.

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whats really nice about the oil is its so good for you.

you can also enjoy flax hull liganans, i will have some oil at breaky with my quarc and liganans.

it has not harmed me, it did not effect my cure , but is was apart of my diet3 to 4 times per week.

keep the oil cool, and out of light. it oxides fast ad thats bad for us, never cook or heat the oil.



ps nice answer ren, and a lovelly healthy suggestion to share gizzy. some believe the oils like coq10, flax etx , fish,

can help develop a certain electron flow around cell membranes.  measuring your fatty acid profiles and ensuring a good hoffman score essential, see my doctors data

fatty acid test results for details.

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