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Can any of you explain to me the difference between chemoembolization and the HAI or are they the same thing?? I just havent heard any of you refer to it as chemoembolization.  And do you have any idea why the radiologist comparing new ct scan to older one would make the assumption that the patient has had chemoembolization and he actually referred to this 3 times in the ct report?? My husband hasnt had anything other than just regular chemo (folfox) since this started.  Im just confused. Thanks

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My understanding is that HAI uses a pump the size of hockey puck implanted beneath the skin to deliver chemo directly into the hepatic artery to better target the cancer. Chemoembolization is different. Chemo agents are delivered directly to the hepatic artery together with a chemical embolizing agent. The aim is to embolize the blood vessels thus trapping the chemo drugs in the liver.

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that's a good explaination.

I have learned more about chemoembolization as well as Radioembolization and Y90 after seeking out a 2nd opinion at a larger market cancer center.  I met with the docs on Monday of this past week, as my local docs are just sayhing "maintenance chemo" is my only option... as I am "inoperable".  so life with chemo is my option

docs at Cleveland Clinic cancer center are talking about Radioembolization and Y90 as a possible option for me.

and, from what I've gathered here on this CSN site... the HAI pump is being talked about as a good option... but it seems like Sloan Kettering is the only place doing such treatment these days.

thanks for this and i look forward to others chiming in.


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Palliative chemo is the only option I have been given as well. Decided its not for me, as its a dead end I believe. I'll have few more rounds of folfiri, after failing with folfox, but then I'll try something more radical.I am thinking controling the metabolism by suppressing my thyroid function. Some preliminary research I have seen looks promising and needs just standard drugs to treat hyperthyroidism. I'll put more detailed info on my blog in the next few weeks.

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