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Checking in-mri brain - trachea L lung- waiting for path

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Hi everyone - I'm the post that no one wants to read /comment and I haven't known how to express my recent surprises. So here goes :
Last Ct report mentioned soft tissue L lung area, could be mucosa, bronsocopy follow -up recommended. I expressed to my oncologist I want a broncoscopy and had one last Thurs. Fri., following I had my followup brain mri followup.
Between all this chemo (folfiri) rcv'x today - got thru it. Yesterday's mri report was "no evidence of cancer "-I cried and was expecting poor news. I know anything is possible.
I had plumbing clean -up and did have two umors that could have obstructed my airway. Only had surgical report given to me today. Pathology is probably complete. Board will review tomorrow.
Little disappointed oncologist at N. Western didn't push Bronc. as well as suggested I could remove my port.
I was NED in August. However, reoccurence at liver, tumors pressing or near venal cava Local surgical oncologist said Rfa but local oncologist said chemo for now.
I am thinking chemo then scan and do my best to take it one hour at a time.
I have been formulating my will and hope I can get this completed soon. Not that simple to complete.
What is my message -be intuitive -keep fighting. Your stories and courage touch and inspire me.

I thought I was Miss Miracle and all were joking after brain.tumors removal....
I am being sarcastic of course.
Wishing you all the best.

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I am sorry that you received disappointing news,  Tomorrow morning at 6am I take my husband to the hospital for his stereotactic brain radiosurgery.  The information and support you recently gave me was helpful.  Yes, breathe and take it one hour, one minute at a time.  I will be thinking positive thoughts and trying to send good energy your way.



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Thank you Cynthia
I think you will find the str treatment is ok.
A little soreness with forehead but tylenol will help. They will be super attentive and precise.
Both of you will be in my thoughts and it will go well. Its always scary with a new treatment.
I had chemo for the liver today and await pathology on trachea thing.
I was no evidence of cancer from brain met so that was good. :-)
Appreciate your response and all the best for tomorrow -Barb

Please let me know how it goes or PM me. Hugs!

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Just one hour at a time, a step at a time. 


Winter Marie

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Hey Barb, just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you. And you're not in this fight alone.

God Bless!


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Keep up the good fight...and go with your intuition...you have to be your own advocate.



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Hoping/Wishing/Praying for only the best for you.


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Appreciate your posts.
It's all such high level now and more doctor's, etc.
My cea rose, 10.9 to 31.5, which I expected. Had first folfiri infusion, yesterday with pump at home.
Feel ok so far.
My last cea was 8.1, but with recent developments I didn't feel up to starting chemou until after broncoscopy, even though Oncologist suggested chemo and get broncoscopy.
Pondering third opinion but I feel team is doing best they can until next CT, god -willing I get that far.

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Thinking of you Barb ......  is your oncologists view to do the chemo. to shrink things then go ahead and do surgery or RFA.     I don't quite get the port removal part??  

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Smokeyjoe :
I was surprised when they said I had the option to remove my port.
Actually, it was the APN and not my Oncologist I saw when I was declared NED.
Its always a 45 min.to an hour wait to see Oncologist and she will send her APN in
and ask thrumher if that is "ok ". By then and after scanning, I want to head home. I always have
my questions prepared but leave without peace of mind.
I did not get my port removed...
I am seeing local oncologist who consults with her because she had mentioned chemo
and locally it would be easier..
I followup with phone calls to my oncologist but it better to speak in person. My son has felt
the same way, too, upon leaving appointments with her.
All part of it I guess..ugh

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