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Cannot post from my phone anymore

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I am at my daughters and she has a laptop. I wanted to Thank everyone for the beautiful Christmas cards. i also wanted to share the good news that I went to see my onc in Jan, he ordered an abdominal CT SCAN....results were No sign of cancer. Liver,abdomen,bottom of lungs the way I understand it.I was so relieved as I know you all can understand. 

I can still log on and read the comments on the board but I cannot post anything anymore since the site was changed in December.

Please know that I am thinking of you all and wishing you the best.



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Thanks for letting us know things are going well for you.

As to being able to post...perhaps your daughter could use her computer to contact CSN with a technical question be sure she mentions that ability stopped with upgrade and what kind of phone you have.  Maybe they can give you some insight on how to fix it.

Wishing you continued good news.

Marie who loves kitties

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Ive been wondering how you were.

When i post from my kindle fire....i have to go right under the test box and the "disable rich text" to "enable rich text" might be the same on your phone?

Glad things are going well!

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See if this works.
Yes I went to my onc visit in Jan. He was a little concerne d about liver numbers so had a CT scan. All good.Did refer me to a gyn. Dr says I have 3 cysts in my uterus that need to be watched.
As for the personal problems working on them.
So glad I can comunicate with you all again. You all are amazing.

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Ever since the change, I find it difficult to post at all with my iPad, which is what I mainly use.  I'll write something all out, and then before I can finish (if I go back to correct a spelling or some such thing) then I cannot send what I wrote, it's all lost in la la land.  It's a shame, but the way it is.

Glad to hear from you!!

Winter Marie

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