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Back from the dr. NOT GOOD NEWS please help me here.....

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Jason & I just returned from his dr. appt. this morning & the news was devastating. He scheduled his colon surgery for Friday, said he would remove the right side of his colon & then when he has had time to heal a little he will start him on Chemo. THEN, the nurse came in & said the dr. wanted to speak to me, alone. (while the other nurse was setting up Jason's surgery appt. with him) The dr. showed me the CT Scan from Friday & said the tumor in/on his colon is the size of a football, the cancer has also gone into his stomach, a little in his liver, & lymph nodes. He said he isn't even sure he will be able to operate once he gets him opened up, but IF he can he said he may be able to cut out that part of his stomach, & if he is able to do that then Jason may have up to 2 years. If not, well, I don't even want to think about that. I'm losing it here, I really need some good outcome stories, please....anybody.

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which is, I think, part of why CSN tries to keep excessive displays of religion off the board.  And the simple reality is that virtually all of us go to doctors, have surgery, do at least some chemo and/or radiation, etc.  I haven't seen anyone on here who is skipping all of that and relying solely on a faith healing.  Although it was the approach my Christian Science grandmother.  She died of cancer, skipping not only treatment, but any form of pain management as well.  It was a hard end, but I guess she stayed true to her religious priniciples.  AA

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You should really discuss with the surgeon whether or not he may need a colostomy,  for my surgery my surgeon could not answer ahead of time whether I would need one or not,  but that it was a possibility.....and my surgeon did not bring up this aspect .....  I had to ask him.    I don't know why he didn't bring it up.   I've seen on this board where people are prepared and are able to map out the best possible placement for their colostomy prior to surgery.    I feel being prepared is better.


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