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Brenda Bricco
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Jan 2001 I was diagnosed with in situ melanoma on my left arm. I also had a UGLY fight with Sepsis later that year where a ct scan showed a lesion on my liver that the small town docs thought was most likely a met from the melanoma, it turned out to be a hemangioma.

I was having pain from a UTI a couple of weeks ago so doc decided to check my kidneys in ultra sound (kidneys failed with sepsis in 2001). My kidneys seem fine but they saw the hemangioma in the liver and noted that it grew from 1.1 to about 3.1 in  twelve years. Here I go again with having to see a surgeon. They said that the radiologist referred to it in the report as hemangioma this time but because of my melanoma history I need to see surgeon. I have an appt with surgeon tomorrow that I can't keep because since my husband's diagnoses we no longer have private insurance, we get medicaid from his disability. My husband opted to receive some of his pension (about 150 a month) so we have to re do all the eligilbilty stuff which has left us with no insurnace at this time which means I have to try to reschedule my appt with surgeon.

I am a regular on the colorectal site, my husband was diganosed stage lv colorectal two years ago this week. Needless to say life has been hard the last couple years.

I am here to ask you guys because I realize that the patients usually become the experts. What are your opinions on a hemangioma becoming a met? I am so frustrated and scared. I was under impression that I was out past 10 years and mets were unlikely.

Thanks you in advance for any thoughts. I am sorry to bother you, I think that I am extra paranoid these days.

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I cannot directly speak to your specific condition. However, whether or not you elect conventional treatments, one fact is certain, the body needs what it is made out of to heal properly. Anti-inflammatory substances are in are food, herbs, and some spices. Baking soda is documented to kill a tumor and cancer cells....doesn't seem to matter which type of cancer. Green drinks and smoothies are also anti-inflammatory. Lemon water cleans the liver. Calcium benotite clay also detoxes the body and helps it get rid of inflammatory chemicals that do not belong in the human organism.

Effective programs for healing from cancer:

www.gerson.com  - nonconventional, nutritional regime; you can do  it at home and do not need to go to California and their in-house program.

www.burzynskiclinic.com/ -- this is conventional treatment, but he restores a specific chemical to the human body that he claims is deficient and is the cause of cancer. Once he restores the chemical to the body, the body heals plus the conventional treatments.  If you need financial assistance, email them, and they will send you information about specific treatments and potential help. If you have medicaid, you may be able to use it. I'd be there right now if I had the financial resources.

www.naturalnews.com has a plethora of ideas and resources on fighting cancer. It give you information to research.

There is no one-size-fits-all. I have combined different ideas and had some success in preventing tumor growth and even shrinking the tumor a little to keep it under control.



black seed oil

oil of oregano

vegetables (80%)

Stay away from red meat and even other meats because conventional meats are full of contaminates. The immune system is weak and needs to be built up.

Stay away from pasteurized dairy. Get organic eggs.

AVOID GMOs!! Try to find organic foods or grow them.

Oil, fatty fish are good to eat at least twice daily.

You can research nutrition by using "acidity vs alkalinity" in your browser.

I hope this helps. What we must remember is that what caused our first cancer, can also cause the second cancer, even 10 years out. A weakened immune system cannot fight the multiple exposures to the cancer-causing substances in our water, air, and food.



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