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Blood tests

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If you don't mind me asking, was anyone's diagnosis lead to originally from an abnormal blood test? What was that abnormality and what type of Limphoma caused it?

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I  had a physical and my blood levels were all critical...Hemo  5.1...WBC...1.9...Plate...20.  At first they thought I had a bone marrow disease.  After furthern tests...    I have marginal zone lymphoma with extensive bone marrow involvement (95%)....the other areas lymphoma was detected was in 4 sets of lymph glands....10 rounds of R-CHOP 10/11-05/12 and was in remission and am now on 2 years of Rituxan Maintenance. 

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Blood work in most lymphoma cases is completely normal, unless it is extremely advanced stage, which affects the marrow's ability to produce healthy blood cells. There is no blood test for lymphoma. What may show up is elevated LDH, which points to a problem, but does not identify it. 

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My mom had very normal blood work.  She did have one problem back in August with her Calcium being very high.  But after some treatment it went back to normal and all her blood work was normal for at least 3 months.  When she began not to feel well again, this time her blood work showed abnormal White blood count,, anemia, etc.  That is when they suspected a blood cancer.

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Last year in January I had a general checkup, along with a blood test.  My internist said that my white blood cells were abnormal and referred me to an oncologist at a  nearby cancer center.  I had more blood tests, a CT-scan, PT-scan and finally a Bone Marrow Test.  The diagnosis was mild B Cell Lymphoma and I started Rituxan infusions.


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