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Anyone getting treatment in Austin, Tx ??

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As mentioned in an earlier post, I may be moving from STL to Austin. There is no NCI certified facility in Austin, and my medical team feels ok with me continuing my once a week Erbitux treatments in Austin if we move, my wife's new employer is Seton Health System, and I can receive treatment there, (Shiver Cancer Center) and they also mentioned Texas Ooncology.

can anyone offer some info on either one of these or any others in Austin??

i also have MDA in Houston, but that is a two hour drive each way. My plan would be to use MDA if something should go wrong in the future.



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I was treated for tonsil cancer at Texas Oncology in Denton, TX in 2005. They were using the M.D. Anderson protocol. So I would be comfortable to have you check with them about your treatment protocol.

Best wishes for success in your treatment.

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As you know I live in Mn.  But have tons of people who keep telling me to go to MDA.  I think they should be able to share info and expertise w/your team in Austin.  If and when are you guys moving ?  Keeping you in my prayers !  And I hope not only the move goes smoothly, but linking with a good team goes smoothly also !    Katie

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i have been driving 2 hrs each way for my doctors and dentists for over 1/3 of my life and i am 55. when my doc told me i had cancer he looked at me and said "i believe i could treat you, but i know someone who can, he is in Indy" best words shared to me. i say my docs there, they prescribed my treatments of radiation and chemo here local. when it came time for surgery all that was in Indy. 

if i had the choice of someone with more experience and knowledge that is where i would choose. with all i have heard about MDA i know i would go there. 

i know several local health care people who would love to move there and work. my neice goes to Rice U in Houston and heard all wonderful news on the research and trail side. have a friend at church who are moving there this summer to do finish here degree with MDA, it was her first choice and thrilled when they accepted her. 

Good luck with your choice


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