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Suggestions please

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Any helpful suggestions for easing a cancer patients depression?

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Hello Dawn,

I myself take an anti-anxiety med daily.  My mind set goes every which way depending on the day.  I think this depends on the place a person is in for tx's....or prognosis.  I do get alot of reminders from well meaning loving people in my life that I'm still alive and kicking.  Undecided  Does this help ?  Truely, not really.  We have to get to an acceptance of where we are in our disease, and how to take those first baby steps into our new normal.  I use music therapy, candle therapy (except when I was on oxygen !) and try to get out into life at least when I'm feeling strong enough.  I don't know your present circumstances and with your permission I would read your bio.  I also have 9 grandchildren that light my world up.  I don't see them as much as I would like but do talk to them on the phone.  (a little sunshine)  Also if you have someone to talk to....not always a proffessional.  I went into one for help w/depression.....and she only wanted to talk about my bucket list....as if I was already dieing.  Good lord, didn't go back there again !  I hope this helps a bit.  At least know I as a survivor am listening and will be here to just listen.  Good thoughts sent to you and yours !    Katie

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Dawn, I have a med.  I use it only for anxiety.  Depression seems to be off and on with this thing.  I do pray also, I also do the things that make me feel good.  And now, if I want chocolate ice cream, I eat it.  I am looking at this as week to week.  I have one more surgery to get through, pain and more pain.  But I try to keep myself focused on the now and what I am doing.  I am in pulmonary rehab, wonderful thing.  They have me doing things and really, you feel good when your doing them.  Yes I cry.  I have my moments and days of weeps. 

Know you're not alone. We all have this depression.  But sometimes, little things come into your life that lift you.  Could be a bird feeder outside with a few crazy squirrels trying to get the food, it is the pleasure of a shower, it could be losing yourself in a good book.  I have a Barnes and Noble Nook and I love it.  I Skype with my kids and grandkids. and again, I pray. 


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I like the replies you've gotten, good advice.  As a caretaker my depression and anxiety had reached an all time low.  I recently started on a vitamin that has made a huge diffference in my attitude.  It's like a miracle....I have been on zoloft for about 7 years but still had extremely low serotonin levels.  And about 45 days ago started on L-tryptophan from Source Natural.  I take 1, sometimes more at night.  I am dealing with so much stress due to my husbands illness but find that I am no longer depressed and am handling things better than I ever thought I'd be able.  I'll be interested to know if my serotonin levels have increased.  I suggest you research the vitamin, make sure it works with whatever other medications you are on.  It's worth looking into.

Another thing I hang on to is advice a friend of mine gave me.  I remind myself that "at this very moment everything is good".  A little thing, but it does help.

Good luck




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My doctor prescribed Paxil.  It has worked for me for two years.  At first I felt odd.  Inauthentic.  After a few months my feelings started to feel normal.  Tears came when tears were needed, happiness and sorrow felt normal and appropriate.  

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Thank you for the comments. He will have a CT on Wednesday...if the Tarceva is not working he won't continue on it... I really think it is a contributing factor.

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