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Has anyone used Zelboraf, and if so, how have you done with it?


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Hi Judy. I'm new here, but I noticed your message was an orphan and perhaps I could be of some help. My father is on Zelboraf, and has been on it for about 4 months for metastatic melanoma. Originally, he was diagnosed with Stage III (mets on liver, lungs) but a few weeks ago, the cancer spread to his brain.

On the bright side, Zel did in fact shrink the lesions that were in his liver and lungs -- so in that respect, it's a very effective drug. It does not treat brain mets; nor can it prevent it.


The side effects, as far as I can tell, have been extreme fatigue. But that seems to be a small price to pay for the reduction in lesions to his vital organs. And I wish you the best of success.

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Started a clinical study in Apri 2013 due to dx of melanoma stage 3c. Have done fairly well, still considered NED, will go in for my next scan next week, so we wait, and still hope. I feel all will be well. It has a lot of side effects, and are pretty brutal, but I feel, this was my only way to go, since I was not willing to go with the standard interferon treatment. We must all do what is right for us as individuals. I have amazing doctors, and trust them...that is the key part... you must be able to count on your doctors, and you must do your own research. Good Luck, hope all is going well. ...Rhonda

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