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New "Official" role for Avastin,as per FDA

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there are some statistics cited so be forewarned; info provided by manufacturer,which is plentiful

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Although it's good that the FDA officially recognizes options that had been more or less known for several years, I am left wondering whether this announcement merely presages more financial assualt on american pocketbooks.  

Too bad the FDA can't tell us, or American doctors, about potent bargain stuff like cimetidine, celecoxib, PSK, UFT, or some of the natural stuff like  Life Extension does. e.g.   http://www.lef.org/protocols/cancer/colorectal_03.htm

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Iremember this study being discussed here so pleased FDA have followed it. Basically if you are on avastin with chemo agent and progress or worsen you should stay on avastin and change the chemo agent (usually oxaliplatin or irinotecan). Not sure what the statehere inuk is where an agency called NICE decide sUch things.


Thanks for the link,


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cancer involving genes,proteins ,pathways,etc that are also instrumental in CRC would that be somewhat effective for CRC as well. I think this is called "off-label" drug use but i also wonder if oncs would try this if patient was willing when all else is failing


(i used to get LEF magazine for free but they stopped sending it.Well-researched articles tho i never purchased any of their products)

As for FDA vs NICE, don't know if NICE is promoting genetically modified foods and fish as our FDA is in US.....Too much interplay between BIG Agriculture, Big Pharma,Big Business and FDA with executives moving from one to the other seamlessly....There is SO MUCH Americans don't know!!!!!!

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I was one who had progression while on Avastin, but my onc didn't add it to the next type of chemo that I tried.  I'm not sure why.  If I had known about this study, I could have at least brought it up.  Oh well...

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I appreciate this link, think I'll take a copy of it into my onc next week with me.

Winter Marie

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