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Great news!

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two for two

vinny59's picture
Posts: 1032
Joined: Nov 2006

Hey everyone, had awesome news twice yesterday, had my bi yearly tumor surveillance of my head and neck, and all was clean, received my PET scan results no evidence of lymphoma! Really surprised me the way my neck has been aching lately. Wishing everyone well..... Vinny

Posts: 28
Joined: Nov 2012

Congrats vinny. I am so happy for you.  May my news go as well today.  My dad gets his first PET results after starting chemo. Will keep you posted, go out and ceweekend colleenweekend colleen

jimwins's picture
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Joined: Aug 2011

Congratulations and Yay!



COBRA666's picture
Posts: 2413
Joined: May 2010

Hey Vinny,

 Been waiting to hear this news all week. WAY TO GO !!!!!!!!!!!Embarassed

Aaron's picture
Posts: 239
Joined: Jun 2012

That's great news vinny!

anliperez915's picture
Posts: 772
Joined: Sep 2011

Awesome News Vinny!

I'm really happy for you, thank God that everything is well with you.

Take care (((Hugs)))



vinny59's picture
Posts: 1032
Joined: Nov 2006

thanks everyone......... living free of worries for 6 more months

epicc's picture
Posts: 137
Joined: Nov 2012


What great news.  It really gives us hope!  Thank you for sharing your news.  Now go out and celebrate!!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!

illead's picture
Posts: 875
Joined: Aug 2012

on everything that has been said!  My husband will be in remission from MCL for a year next month, it's a wonderful feeling isn't it?  Since you are well, I can finally ask.  Is your baby a havanese?  If so we have it's twin.  I know it has been tons of company during your battle.  Our positive thoughts, Bill and Becky

vinny59's picture
Posts: 1032
Joined: Nov 2006

Hi Bill and Becky our dog is a teddy bear breed, cross breed from Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise. She sure was good company! Stay well Vinny

allmost60's picture
Posts: 3184
Joined: Jul 2010

"Yeah" Vinny!....Sooooooo happy all is good! What a relief! Love...Sue

forme's picture
Posts: 1162
Joined: Aug 2010

Hi Vinny,

Your news made my day , my night , my week. I am so so very happy for you.

Celebrate and keep smiling bright...

Huge hugs to you and to Lisa


vinny59's picture
Posts: 1032
Joined: Nov 2006

 thanks again guy's! Vinny

onlytoday's picture
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Very glad to hear your great news!!  Nice surprise for you!!



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