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New clear cell with Ulcerative colitis

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I am new to this web site and was hoping that someone could help me out. I am a stage 4 grade 3 clear cell cancer patient that has had a radical right nephrectomy and adrenalectomy.  Also 1 of 2 lymph nodes was positive. My question is if there is anyone else out there with kidney cancer as well as ulcerative colitis? I would appreciate any information or insight on the subject.


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I had Kidney Cancer (Stage 1 NED for 10 years). and my daughter (age 46 today and born on the day of the first Superbowl) has ulcertive colitis (one surgery about 27 years ago). Both in one family let alone one person should be enough. From readimg your bio you sound strong enough to beat them both. Definately contradictions in medication between the two and I would seek out the opinion of a Nephrologist on those issues. There are many on this board who are successfully wading thru Stage 4 issues with RCC and I am sure they will give you a hand.

PS Easy on the wine 


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Yes, us girls, my sisters and my self always joked after they were diagnosed since I had UC that it was my disease so I wouldn't get cancer....guess we were wrong. They even tease me about being the black sheep of the family since I had to get my OWN kind of cancer!!©LOL. I have delt with UC diagnosis and first surgery at the age of ten so it is kind of old hat now. The specialist I saw does feel that the immunosuppressive drugs may allow the cancer to grow easier. He is a specialist in the renal oncology field. And yes I am pretty strong and stubborn so RCC better look out for me!  Oh, and the picture was of me enjoying our complimentary champagne on our aniversary trip where I first started having symptoms!! :-)


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