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Catching Up

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jim and i
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Been a while since I have been on the board. We have had an eventful end to 2012. We had to move out of the home we bought last July to a rental due to unsafe mold. We do not like to sue people so gave the seller an option to return our money, which they did just before Christmas. We are now in the process of buying another home.

As for Jim's health, he has been doing great. His oncologist said that he is the healthiest sick patient he has. I bought Jim a boat for Christmas and he has been having a great time fishing. I did however catch more fish than he did last week.

A new problem has arisen. I noticed a swelling under Jim's lower lip a few weeks ago. He said it was not sore or hard. We assumed it was a swollen saliva gland or lymph node and figured we would wait for an upcoming oncologis visit to ask. This weekend Jim said he had a canker sore inside his lower lip. I did not think to much about it. This morning he was complaing about how sore it was. I looked at it and realized it wasn't a cankersore. We go to the PCP on Thursday and the oncologist next week.

I am so bumed out. Jim has more energy, gained weight and looks better than he has in two years. We have been thinking that maybe the cancer had slowed down or went dormant. I know it aint cancer until they say it is but it does worry a person. Jim has also been put back on cumadin so maybe that is causing the problem.

Anyway, please keep him in your prayers.


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Not saying that is something more than it is right now...

But I know that both my ENT (my lead) and my onco have always been very supportive of my concerns.

They always reassure me that they'd much rather I be pro-active vesus re-active.

My quess is that the PCP isn't as familiar with the cancer specifics applicable to Jim, or even in general for that matter.

Your ENT or onco are...

If you have concern, I'd see if either could take you in if nothing other than a sanity check and reassurance visit.

If it is something, they'd rather deal with it as soon as they can...

and...., it won't drag out your anxiety for two weeks.

Just my thoughts any ways...

Thoughts & Prayers ~ John

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First off I hope all the issues with Jim turn out to be nothing.  Secondly.....black mold, that simply stinks !  I'm glad you are getting your money back.  Have you found another place yet ?  Jim sounds like he's doing well except for you catching more fish then him in his new boat....lol !  Keep us posted please.  Will be thinking only positives for a great outcome !   Katie

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Everyone always talks about great caregivers on this site – you gotta be at the top of the list, and not just ‘cause you bought Jim a boat, but that’s pretty dern cool!  Sorry to hear about the house but glad to hear you got a refund. 


Most importantly, hope Jim gets back to feeling well and this turns out to be a false alarm.


Positive thoughts coming at ya!


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tough ending to your year with the mold, but sure was good news they did not force you to sue. i sued when i got hurt 8 years ago, it was not fun. good time to buy right now, prices are down and interest rates are very low. hope you find what you want, with black stuff missing. 

always a challenge when something shows up and puts concern in your every moment thoughts. i would call your ent or oncologist's head nurse, tell her your concerns and ask if they can squeeze you in. they will be just as concerned as you and will want to look right now. they always seem to find a way to get you in to see him in situations like this. no reason to talk to scheduler, that is all they do is follow the task at hand. a five min look real quick will help. 

prayers are what you both need and prayer are being sent


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jim and i
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Thanks all for the prayers and suggestions. I think I will call the oncologist tomorrow am and see if they can at least get him in for a quick look see.



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Awesome...., let's see it, LOL...

In all sinceredity, I am sorry about the situation with the house, but even though a hassle, at least it sounds like someone did the right thing by returning your money. That in itself is something rare these days...

Prayers on a good check up...


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