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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Cea 3.8 and pet scan clear, post 3447 is my most important by far. "HOPE AT LAST"

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https://docs.google.com/file/d/1u1yfZFuumGcHCs0vVBvvMzkPk7S0qSzWLFxRFPnMeveq3pfNwQ9DfPij4_Fr/edit  the german medical report detailed, the english is not great, but the results more than make up.

I am filled with gratitude to everyone who has helped me.

To blake, kerry, rodger, lisa, cheryl and jennie and so many others.  May they all rest peacefully, as we that are left live peacefully.

I have battled my stage 4 recurrence with  lots of therapies and had lots of jokes and ridicule at my attempts.

Well chasing windmills has worked for me and it may work for you. 

I have unbelievable news, my terminal illness per the many oncologists, my incurable illness per the doctors well is not on the pet scan any more based on what i understand.

I will post the scan reports and full images tomorrow.

my cea is 3.8 down from 81 six months ago, the normal level is 2.8 on the test.

if you followed my posts and german therapies well you know what has helped me.

I have called about 40 friends, doctors and supporters tonight and thanked them.

tomorrow is see hipec surgeon 8am and oncologist 12noon.

i got the cea and scan result 5pm today from my alternative doctor who said my result is the best cure he has scene in 20 years. we hug and i kissed on the cheek.

I had dinner with the family tonight. i am investing the remainer of the life insurance and retirement savings in the company whose drug i think was instrumental in helping me beat my colorectal cancer.

I am going back to germany to hopefully work at the clinic while continuing maintenance therapy for the next year. thats my dream. its early days, but i am sharing my results for what they are, like i have previously.

I have climbed my mount everest, well i am a few few steps from the summit. its a grand view from where i am sitting. my wife and kids look great. 

life is absolutley blooody wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

persistence and faith has helped me, I have had so much support here and everywhere.

I know what has worked for me, now as opposed to anecdotal stories on the net that many question, my story is real, speeling and grammar errors as well. 

I have shared it openly day by day, blow by blow.

I have not had hardcore systemic chemo for my stage 4 illness, i have used the best alternative and integrative therapies and I am here to tell you that my incurable illness is looking vulnerable now, not me.

I am not out of the woods completley. But the woods are looking beautiful, the woods i am refering to are the black forest.

I publisher called today, again about my book, what a co-incidence.

I still have to email my german doctors, they don't know the knews.

Goodluck with whatever you try, my blog is a mess, but its pretty honest, its been added to on the spot.

I suspect my immune system has saved me, as well as faith , prayer, love, diet, exercise, yoga, qigong, supplements, accuptuncture, meditiation, sauna, enemas, juicing, eta eta eta.

thanks again for all the help and support, even your silence and challenging responses has helped.

those few who have been truly caring and supportive well, you know who you are and I will always be grateful.

this is the most joyful post, i have ever posted.

I firmly believe I have found a path to cure for myself for this "incurable illness". Of course I have along way to go. but todays results are the most conclusive proof of effectivess of alternative medicine I have found. Alternative as opposed to conventional.

I make no apology for suggesting evidence based medicine may not hold the cure for colorectal cancer, personalised individualised medicine does. It may hold true for other cancers.

My story is real, my name is peter trayhurn. I believe I have found a possible cure for colorectal cancer. Its a complicated path, but its worked for me.

I cannot wait to see what my onc and surgeon say tomorrow about todays the scan and blood results. I will be humble as always and listen to their opinion. After all I am paying for the consult. Now I may not follow their advice, but I will listen and be respectful. they have helped and cared for me as much as my alternative doctors, as much as the german doctors. All of them together have got me to where  I am tonight.

To quote a top class country doctor who I met at the gym while weightlifting

"you are the healthiest person I have ever met with an incurable illness" that was last thursday, 5 days before these magnificent results.

Yes, this is a long road and an evil illness. I am back to germany 4th february to continue therapies and seek opinions re maintenance therapies.

tomorrow between the surgeon and oncologist i am sneaking off to get intravenous vitamin C.

I don't know what component of my excessive regime worked, I don't ever really care. in its synery its worked. I probably was removab and the vaccine and gcmaf. it probably was not the seacumuber smoothies. the sheep brains well who knows.



PS I am off to the sauna to meditate and contemplate gratitude.

If at first you don't succeed, try try again.

PPS my blog


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Wonderful. You so deserve this outcome. You've tried so hard and have inspired so many others along the way. Congratulations Peter.


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thats kind, to inspire others, now thats the greatest achievement of my life by a long way.

A cure for colorectal cancer, for cancer its a dream.

But dreams come true, we walked on the moon, we  got the light, who knows what we can achieve ?

If faith counts for anything, well we posted about faith and the immune system a few weeks ago. thanks tony for that one.

If all my stage 4 friends don't have a bit a sparkle when they look in the mirror tomorrow, well i just don't know. I am looking in the mirror, into my eyes, i am smiling a big smile.

I am here, I am going to try and stay here. At least for a few more days, those days will be filled with hope. Whats helped me, may not help anyone else, but at least its an example of a path thats worked for one, it may work for others.

as i said previously, my magic bullet, is a machine gun, with lots and lots of little magic bullets.

the most important is faith and persistence.

thanks again chelsea. doctor vogel "google him" said he would offer me the best quality and quantity of life. he does not say cure, i don't. If I live day by day with no expectation of the future, i place no unrealistic pressure for cure on my doctors. to be painfree, and well enough to live and love is sufficient. anymore is greedy in my buddist approach to life.

to smile and breathe peaceful is ample, its also healing and then i will not take each day for granted or the people i met. sorry to ramble but I am pretty emotional and I have not hit the booze yet. I have promised myself a bottle of baileys next year on holidays. i got this illness on the run and I am not going to let it off the hook.



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Congrats Pete on your wonderful news! Many wishes for good health to you!

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good health to you and us all. I am off to sleep peaceful healing dreams. was it removab ? was is it the vaccine ?

was it god ? maybe the answer will come to me in my dreams. you know I started dca for 2 weeks on the 25th december and metformin.

I have tried so many therapies, actually unravelling whats helped is going to be tricky. Sweet dreams everyone from the land downunder.



PS I was going to get bolus 5fu and avastin tomorrow, my onc can keep it on the shelf. the alternative solution was saved by a day. thats just to dam close, i think that must make this an alternative miracle. serious i got the script from my german onc to get systemic avastin and xeloda, but the onc's here prefer bolus 5fu. to save my *** without systemic chemo was always an impossible dream, until 5.30pm today.

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That is such great news, I am sitting here crying my eyes out.  I was laying in bed last night, thinking wouldn't it be great if your tests results came out really, really well.  Even better than was hoping.  And I think this exceeds expectations.


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dream sweety dream,

if i am wrong i am sorry, but tonight I can dream.

anyone who wants to piddle on this parade well you will be flagged away, sorry but this positive little post will stay that way.

its possible J, it really really is.

don't stop the tears, its been years coming. to many friends gone, lets not think of the pain.

think of this as the best xmas present the colorectal forum has had so far, its just a little late.

do you remember I had a german pet on the 14dec and I still don't have the results, its cost me $2400 euro, i am so happy I am just going to ask for a freebie in another 6 months. this would have been nice for xmas day. but better late than never.

as one on my kindest supporters, a heart felt thanks. baby a little hope stretches along long long way.

according to my research the immune system of the entire colorectal community, at least on csn just got a dam big lift. thats got to be.

say 10,000 stage 4 get this get news, well we boost their NK cells by 10,000 each, just by faith. thats lots of tumour eating NKs. I am just dreaming.

I pushed my alt doctors receptionist to tell me my cea score on the way to the consult this arvo, she said 3.8 and my last was 81. I thought she was misreading it, i thought she was reading the range. which actually is 2.8. funny how my mind could not accept what I was told over the phone. I prefered to beleive that silly receptionist could not read the report and that I still had disease.

I was thinking a cea of 100 would be cool, so yes my expectations were exceeded. to be honest I had no expectations. they are a trap with our curse.



PS I am posting the cea and pet report on my blog within the next 5 minutes, the proofing is in the pudding. read it and smile and taste the pudding!

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Great news Pete!  :)   I'm very happy for you - all smiles.  :)

very worried husband
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Congrats Pete.. These results are awesome. I am following your story very closely and always pray for you and your family.

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smile a little, heck smile alot. awesome is a another great adjective.

I am staying up late until this melatonin kicks in, I am enjoying the positive replies as my yankee friends wakeup to a very bright new day.

thanks for the prayers, out gods listens, we have hope. this is a recording.



ps wife and I did yoga together tonight, not in bedroom, but in the qigong class with 40 others, at the end of the class i thank master yang my qigong teacher for his guidance, they all clapped. those who were close to me shook hands, i wanted to spread my joyful news, in the real world and the virtual. spread my news if you want. heck we get so few positive anecdotal stories we can have faith in. our world needs faith, especially in the cancer business.

false hope is for the pessimists, real hope is faith the optimistists. I was never going to die without faith, that way cancer never could win, it was beaten from the very first cell. kerry taught us that message. attitude, attitude, attitude.

ps do you reckon i can get back onto good morning america with this survival story, i think its 50/50 i will do a plug for forum 128. did you know i already been their and done that. but it would be fun to do it again.

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I believe in miracles, in whatever form they come.  So thankful you got yours! 



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me too mate.



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Congrats on the positive response to treatment:)

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we all have a night of glory, maybe tonights mine. i just uploaded the scan pdf and the cea pdf. can you check they look legit.

thanks for all the encouragement and support. its good to be kept honest, don't stop. i need it.



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LaughingLaughingLaughing !!!     Wonderful news Pete!!!!


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...I guess I missed my chance at coffee in Germany with you....but for a FANTASTIC reason!!!!!


I am dancing as hard as I can!!!!


Hugs, Kathi

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I am back to germany on the 4th feb, i got a return ticket to use.

I am in the middle of therapies. not counting my chickens before they hatch.



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Brought a tear to my eye Laughing our son got out of hospital yesterday (5th brain surgery) and we are about to start our own adventure (again) we are going out on a limb, coz that is where the fruit is, the techniques we discussed today with the Prof. are 20 years ahead of the game, we didn't raise enough money for all the treatments we wanted but time is of the essense so blood tests tomorrow and next week they will harvest my cells to inject into him.

Don't rest on your laurels, keep hitting the bugger!

Take care.

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it would be pretty amazing if a parent's cells ends up saving a child.  Quite wonderful. AA

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<i> we are going out on a limb, coz that is where the fruit is...</i>

That's a great phrase.  

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Congrats Pete on the Great News!  You and many others have said, The battle for cancer is fought on many levels.   You my friend, have fought it on a lot of levels. We wish that you have kicked the Dragon's Hiney and continue to do so!


Best Always, mike

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Congratulations Pete!  And thanks for posting a positive and encouranging post!

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Congratulations Pete! Your happinesss shines through your post.

Keep on keepin' on!


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That is such great news. Second only to my clean scan. Heres to continued success thinking outside of the box andpryer.

Cathleen Mary
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Pete,  Savor the good news.  Your joy is palpable!

Blessings galore,

Cathleen Mary

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Very happy for you, Pete! Laughing Sounds like you may get to skip the HIPEC?  Keep us posted~Ann Alexandria

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First off, congratulations on your great news!!!  I don't follow your blog (sorry), so can you share with us on here what you believe to have been the "magic bullet" in your case?  I know from your posts here that you have tried a LOT of different alternative approaches, so it may be impossible to know which exact thing (or more likely which combination) has produced these great results.  Hoping for only the best for you, and hope and pray your experience can help some others with this horrible disease, which for some reason just doesn't get anywhere near the coverage it deserves.  There are so many of us battling colon cancer, but we don't have nearly the organization or support that they have for some other cancers (i.e. breast cancer).  All cancers are terrible, and we need money and research for all of them....


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This is great news Pete.. congratulations.. you have worked so hard to get to this point.. I know there is hope for us all and you are a blazer for the cause... Thanks!

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(SORRY FOR ALL CAPS - TYPING ON A KINDLE FIRE AND I HATE TOUCH SCREEN....) Hope you have a huge stein of german beer lined up!
Hugs! Celebrate!

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You did it!!!  I am so flipping happy for you!!!!  You are so deserving of a great result and I thank you for continuing to share your experiences with us.  What is the plan to maintain this result?  :)  :)   Can't stop smiling for you :) :)

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Good job.   Keep up the good work at beating the monster.  You never gave up, never left a stone unturned, never stopped questioning, never stopped looking and researching and for that I admire you.

Best wishes for continued success - Tina

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It is very encouraging seeing how well you are doing with all your treatments.  Jeff

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Hi Pete,


I am so happy for your latest scan results.  You deserve this good news and I hope it continues for you.

Best wishes


Aussie Andrew

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Hi Pete,


I am so happy for your latest scan results.  You deserve this good news and I hope it continues for you.

Best wishes


Aussie Andrew

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From one aussie to another - Inspiration to say the least.  GOD is good. Faith is so important to me too. Gods peace is indescribable and it sure keeps me going.  I am stage 4 too and 2 1/2 wears and fighting.  Ceas always been between >1 and 66.  one since first diagnosed which is why the mets to lung after bowel resection was all a surprise. Had all the oxy, fol fox, avastin and irrotecan.  Stable or small growth. Yesterday was put on irrinotecan mixed with erbitex. Here's praying this works, so hoping for acne which is a positive sign.,   

Love reading your posts.  God would be so proud ask u as we all are. Many more blessings to u and your family

i want to ask my dr about the vit c injections, have read many good reports.  Can u brief me pls when u get time

take care, God bless


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I am so happy for you! You have been a insperation to us all. I hope you will continue to hang around, we need you here.

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Pete great news, you give us hope.   LaughingCool


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hey Pete 

reading your story makes me so happy! Your hard work paid off! 

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this is GREAT news! i am soooo happy for you! and i thank you for always keeping us informed & i want to thank you for your positive attitude. keep going!!!

hugs from indiana



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so my mum, wife and kids crowded into the onc office.

he read the report, i am ned. he said its a great miracle, its offical.

he can get removab imported, i explained how tricky the therapy was from my direct experience and that of others. i would only get this therapy at the hallwang clinic for the time being.

its worked a miracle for me, it costs about say $40,000 for 4 weeks and a course, but get a quote if your interested.

i have emailed hundreds, thanked everyone. spokedn with my dearest supporters, prayed and thanked god.

my health and the success of my therapies is my greatest achievement in my life.

thanked onc for the life insurance payout that enabled my attempt at cure, how ironic.

I have shared all the details of my therapies here, i decided not to spoon feed any of the onc's.

they are not interested and he did not ask details,i was not surprised. the absence of genuine detailed curiousity of the details of my success shows the reason our cancers are not cured. its professional arrognane in my arrongant opinion. so maybe i saved my life, but not one of my onc patients knows my story in detail or the therapies.

my friends here know exactly whats worked for me, goodluck. i am dreaming of diving and forgetting cancer. the research has stopped, i am no longer interested.

Its crazy how quickly my desire to learn has stopped, i think it was motivated by my desire to survive.

I walked hand in hand on the beach with my wife, we are planning a new more relaxing life, I am heading back to germany for about 2-3 months depending on therapies. onc said this was a good idea and to check in with him when i get back to australia.

i sincerely appreciate everyones kind words, especially the recognition of my efforts and the sharing of my research and story.

i am exhausted emotional, this much joy is hard work, all my dead friends have been on my mind, i tried calling one by mistake. i feel myself difting away from cancer now, I love all you guys so deeply.

not a day is to be wasted, i have invested so much of my life into this result, that i have to focus away from.

this is not advice, but I am grateful I did removab at the hallwang clinic, the chemo embolisation at uniclinic frankfurt with doctor vogel and dendritic cell vaccine in duderstadt. google these and get quotes if you are keen, pm me if any questions. faith, peace and love are as essential to healing. A healthy diet, exercise and supplements also good. qigong also has a place in my heart. so do all of you.

thanks again to each and everyone of you on csn for your support, especially prayers.

self directed change is the key to the lifestyle components of my success.



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I am so happy for you!   Much love. I'll read your blog today. 

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Well Pete,

If you aren't just something else!!!Wonderful news for you and your family. You got it Pete...blessings and prayers to you from cold Minnesota!




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Congrats - that is wonderful news! all the best to you and thank you for blazing the trail and posting information about your treatments. I really appreciate it.



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Congrats - that is wonderful news! all the best to you and thank you for blazing the trail and posting information about your treatments. I really appreciate it.



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And no, that's not me piddling on your parade but doing the happy dance (I have a great emoticon for that).

I'm new here, and don't know you well, but I have read many of your posts with great interest. I am so very happy that your long journey is reaping such wonderful results. I will pray that these results will continue to be positive, and that you will continue to share the vast knowledge you have gained on this trip for us to learn from. 

HUGS all around. 

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Good news about your scan results.  I'm very happy for you.

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Pete, that's really great progress.  I hope you continue to hammer at the tumors and drive your CEA through the floor, with a long series of low(er) CEA.  It takes several CEA readings to establish a solid trend.  I think a lot about others'  [high] "normal range CEA" that turned out to be incomplete and only a temporary nadir after stopping out six months.   One advantage with less toxic treatments is that you can do them continuously and longer term.

You've spent a wad. Since you are potentially a long term customer, surely they can give lower maintenance prices.  Especially if you are the their prize example.  You have already paid your R&D share in the initial treatments.  This is a twisty, life long marathon, financially too.

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Hi Pete, Fabulous. I have not been on the board for awhile due to personal problems, and this is the first news I read. I am so very happy for you.

I have followed your path from the beginning, the ups and downs, the laughter, the anger, the tears and the fustrations. You have the means to try anything what you think might

help you to become healthy. It gives us all hope for the future. Keep going my friend,

Many hugs, Marjan

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the wad is about 120K, the book is here for free for all in the messy blog, every treatment been shared as it happened.

i got a very kind treatment price even before this result even came out, all the doctors admired my approach and commitment as well as clinic management. I asked for a 12 month price and now I have asked for a job while getting maintenance therapy. My smiling face and positive attitude and apparent health while "terminally ill" seemed to help raise many in the clinics spirits patients and staff.

Its crazy that a smiling ill patient is good medicine, but I really think its true. why we have to pay for a smile, well thats crazy.

even the surgeon today, could barely crack a smile, neither could the onc yesterday. I think the constant stream of suffering and death as really killed the smiles in most of our doctors. so they fail to inspire, they fail to give hope. their goes a part of our immune system. my german oncologist doctor kopic smiles, he pats me on the back, we workout at the same german gym. he is a good man. he is over the moon with my result. the aussie doctors could barely crack a smile. 

they could not even say well done, not an ounce of appreciation for me taking the time to educate them about a range of therapies they know little about. professional arrogance again and again. so a possible cure just walks in the doctor, for the disease that kills most of their patients and they don't ask details. that right. My friends here know all the treatments, if my doctors want the answers well they can read my blog and posts. they cannot be bothered and thats why so many friends will pass away.

you know I begged my aussie doctors for my tumour her2 receptor status while in germany, got no answers. yesterday well it was possible, one call to the tumour tissue lab. the delay was pathetic, but demonstrated medical communication issues. its hard running medical care in two different countries, but that what it takes to get the best care. its alot of work and some extra stress.

I was not going to die in a chemo chair in sydney but under a tree in the black forest in germany. now who knows where.

the irony about money is the cost of these therapies is about what most pay for conventional, especially given palliative surgery and care costs, its just they are not covered by insurance and or government. I  am sure my possible cure will save my goverment lots.

your point about high range CEA was exactly the same point the surgeon made.

the key issue here is the new tumour growth that may not have been infected with newcastle virus disease. 

regular followup vaccines back in germany and another removab hit is what I expect, but I will wait to be advised.

sorry for the long winded answr, but I am getting all these thoughts out of my head, so I can get down the beach and relax.

thank you for all your great advice and knowledge and answers and care. you have been a constant inspiration to me and many.



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Way to go Mate!  I admire your persistence! God Bless!


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That is such good news.  I'm glad that you are seeing results from all that you are going through.  What a wonderful New Years Celebration.  Wishing you continued success in your treatments.



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