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Cheryl Hutcherson

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please forgive me if I have missed her passing.....has anyone heard anything?



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Unfortunately, Cheryl Hutcherson passed away.  Kathleen posted on 7/12 that Chery's dad posted on facebook that Cheryl passed away(I think while she was in the hospital). 

Take care - Tina

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Tina is right, Cheryl has passed.  You can read details on her blog regarding her memorial and earlier posts:



Marie who loves kitties

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Thank you so much Tina and Marie.....I can see now that Cheryl died during those long summer months when i am not here.....


I feel quite sad about Cheryl....I think she was fighting for about 6 years so we go back a long way.  she used to write to longest, best posts  here for newbies especially.  She took the time to go back over everything she had learned about her fight....There  were some clashes of the titans too......that was Cheryl for you!


thanks Marie for the link.....

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She was so full of life!  And she did make a special effort to greet newbies.  Miss her.

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a caring, compassionate  soul. another friend resting in peace.



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You are right Mags, Cheryl's posts to the newbies were the best.  Full of detailed experience and much encouragement.   So many times we said "Let's do coffee" but we didn't.  Cancer always seemed to get in the way with treatments, appointments, bad days getting in the way and now so often I think of her and get mad at myself because I let that opportunity slide by.  We can't let cancer dictate our lives like that.  If you want to meet someone who inspired you in your cancer journey then do it because in this club you don't get many chances.

Bridget's new owner posted a pic on FB the other day.  She's doing good.  :) 

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Bridget's post.  So glad to hear she is doing well.  I'm going to run over to FB and take a look at it.

Thanks for mentioning it.

Winter Marie

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....it inspired me to fly to London for lunch.  (Just a hop away, while I was in The Netherlands).


And contact with Pepe when our cruise led us to Barcelona.  And, with my 'breast cancer buddies', lunch in San Diego, and planning a spa weekend in November in Hershey, PA....And a meet with Colonpalooza in Forth Worth, Texas, where I put live hugs with faces I had only known from pictures online.  I now keep many of them safe in my heart...

I have a very fond memory of sitting in Nashville in the hotel lobby coffee nook, talking with a wonderful warrior named Mark (forgot his CSN name).  I was struggling with how to find a way to once again live life.  "Simple", he said.  "Just look for the joy every day".  He was stage 4, and was just informed of another attack from the beast.  He left this life to light my way into the future...


Hugs, Kathi

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