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Just checking in to say "Hello"

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                Hello Everyone,  I just wanted to let you know Connie is still NED after almost 2 years. I hope everyone that helped us is doing good health wise and otherwise. Everything I was told on this site came true, my wife is doing better all the time, feeding tube removed and eating just about everything she wants to eat. She still cannot eat spicy foods or bread but I am thankful that we are living our "new normal" lives. The change has been not going to see the doctors that much anymore and now she just does a scan every 6 months. For anyone on this site that has doubts about ever being able to get well and return to a normal life our story is living proof. The cancer treatments connie endured were rough but somehow she survived. I just read about BarefootBob losing his fight to cancer, although I did not read Bob's post on here due to visiting the site less, it made me sad to hear he had lost his fight. Why some people survive and others don't is unknown and puzzling. To all my old friends, I wish you all well. Love you all, Homer & Connie

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Homer and Connie,

It is wonderful to hear after 2 yrs. Connie is still NED !  This inspires me big time....H/N cancers take a heavy toll on us.  To hear of others doing so well makes me smile big time !  Thanks for taking the time to check in with us !   Katie

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Pam M
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Great to hear from you again!  wonderful to hear things are going so well.  I remember when things were so rough on her, and you were so concerned. 

I can eat most breads now (almost three years after chemo rads ended), but like Connie, spicy food is beyond me.

Glad you popped in.  Keep on enjoying each other.

Kent Cass
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Great to hear Connie is still doing great, Homer. You two went thru a lot, I remember, and really great to get the update. We do wonder about many of you who no longer post much, and it not only puts a big smile on the old timer's faces, but the newer Folks- See, there really is a lot of people who recover very well, indeed, and great lives are there to be lived, post-C and tx. Say Hi to Connie for me, Homer- you two are an all-American couple, and your love is like a beacon for all couples struggling thru the ordeal of tx, and beyond.


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You came and left before my time and though I don't know you as well as the long-timers...I want to say thank you for stopping by and giving that update....I am almost 1 year out ...and I remember when I was still waiting on my post treatment scan the things that ran through my head....your type of posts are also what helped keep my spirits up as well as prayer...so thank you very much for stopping in...hope you will drop in every few months  :)




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Ditto on the comments for dropping in so long after the battle is over for you and good to know and hear that people do get clear of this mess. 


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Homer & Connie,


Very nice to hear Connie is doing well and living life or should I say tasting life.  You both take care and I hope to hear an all clear NED forever from the both of you.





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Good news! Thank you for sharing this. We are new and just finished tx about 6 weeks ago and it is very inspiring to have folks like yourself come back and check in and give us new people on the bus an update and advice to get through our journey.

God Bless,



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You two, you....

So very glad that things have worked out so well for you both.

I remember well, the doubt. fear and uncertainty you had when you first joined this forum...

You are an awesome caregiver Homer...., my hat is off to you.

Live, love, and enjoy... ~John

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I will try to drop in more often, I would like to give hope to anyone here who could use some encouragement. I remember when I had doubts about Connie's treatments and whether she would survive. The advise we received here was priceless! I was glad to here from "Skiffin", I always have loved his sense of humor, he has a gift of making people laugh and smile no matter how rough things are going. I hope "hondo" is doing well, he is truly an angel of God. "Jan Trinks" who has helped so many after the loss of her husband. I'm afraid to ask how "Jim & I" are doing as Jim was so sick but I pray he is still with us. It was nice to hear from "Kent Cass" who always told people the truth and to try and see the glass half full. "Dr.Mary" always gave good sound advice to all who needed it, hopefully "goalie" is doing well and playing Hockey again. Also thanks to "Pam M" I hope you are doing well. I always read "Ratface's" post which are full of positive energy. I miss "soccerfreak's" stories always in detail. I hope "Adventure Bob" is back to leading people on adventures. I hope "luvforlacrosse" is doing great as he always answered my post with encouragement. "Greg53" hopefully is fishing and enjoying his wonderful wife. Hopefully "Buzz99" is doing well as he was still fighting cancer the last time I heard from him and "Glenna M' helped Connie and I from my very first post. Their are many more heroes on this site that help people everyday. I will always hold a special place in my heart for you ALL. Yes it is not my option but my duty to try to help anyone here anytime. I thank everyone here and I look forward to dropping in once in a while.  Together WE can do ANYTHING, Homer & Connie

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So glad to hear Connie is doing well!  Thanks for the "call-out".  Still fishing whenever I can and most importantly enjoying my WONDERFUL wife!


Hope everything continues on the positive for you my friend!  Lots of great caregivers on this site and as John pointed out,  you are one the best Homer.


Nice to hear from you! 



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ALWAYS wonderful to hear great news!



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