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Not sure about reconstruction

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First time posting - was dx with BC in June have done AC and just finished the 12 weeks of Taxol and Herceptin... meeting with the plastic surgeon on Thursday to discuss reconstruction.  I do not know what to do my mind changes every day. I am also a diabetci and worry about complications and I worry about how I will feel if I do not do the reconstruction. Any words or wisdom on how to make the decision?


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Take your time.. There is no hurry. Research it talk to your family. You don't have to rush it. I had right side mastectomy. I never had recon. It don't bother me or my husband. I don't even wear a prosthetic. And at times I wish I had had both removed. ( better balance ) Everyone is different I know most ladies do recon. I myself didn't want the surgery. I wish you all the best darlin. It can be done a year or more later if you want. So take you time. You don't need the pressure.

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I totally agree with you..(smalldoggroomer)


go at your own pace or do nothing at all...take you time...take care of yourself.



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Talk to a plactic surgeon before I had my breast removed .Right now I am just happy felling good .The surgeon sounded like I was at a highter risk for infection because of my diabetis .Let us know what your plactic surgeon says.

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Would my QOL (Quality Of Life) be better depending on which decision I made? is what really was how I finally made my decision.  Being IBC (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) recon was not an option for at least a year so had time to think.  At the end of the year I had decided I want to probably/possibly do recon so my PA set up an appt with the PS but then I realized that the time frame would probably put me having surgery in late spring or summer so I canceled that appt.  I didn't want to give up any of our decent weather time here where winters are long and brutal and being outside is limited (I'm very much an active outdoor woman - just yesterday afternoon I started BUILDING my own flyfishing rod through Project Healing Waters).  The next appt I had, we had 2 back to back blizzards and I really didn't want to drive close to 600 miles (or fly) and get caught there or somewhere inbetween - so more time went by.   At this point in time I have decided against doing recon (of course I might change my mind in the future).  

For me it comes down to will my life be better for ME if I do recon and to me it seems it might be worse.  At this point in time - I am very comfortable with wearing my pros and there is only 1 person other than medical personel who have seen me without it - my 37 yr Hubby.  He does not want me to do recon as he does not want me to have 'unnecessary' surgery but IF I want it - he'll be there for me.

At this time - even with dealing with LE (lymphedema),  I can - and do - anything I want to do.  I feel comfortable/happy with 'me, myself and I'.  Could future recon surgeries change that - YES!  We are each so unique and each have to make decisions that are 'right' for the US - not for someone else.

For me, the bottom line is - QOL!  That is different for each of us.  

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