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Back Pain

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Things are not well in our household. My wife burned her mouth badly (by eating soup). And it might have gotten infected. She is running a low fever.

My back has been hurting. Originally, I thought it was muscle strain; but it has not gotten better. In fact, it has become a magnitude more painful.

I am in the middle of changing where I will be receiving medical care, which always makes things more difficult

My pain is extremely bad (If we compare it to non-cancer pains). It can be said to be a low level cancer pain. Enough to make life not all that much fun. Enough to interfer with everything. Enough to interfer with sleep big time.

I know I should/will see a doctor. But everything is a big challenge. Including the fact that I cannot be understood over the telephone. And my wife is sleeping because she is so sick. In a couple of days I have an opthalmologist and a CT scheduled (in different medical institutions). How did I manage that! What a mess I am. Rick.

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Sorry to hear that you and your wife are having pain.  Also having appointments in two different places is a pain too.  Hopefully things will quieten down soon for you.  I hope you get your back looked at soon.  Better safe than sorry.

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In your corner Rick, giving you a little of my energy to get you through..


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It's hell when everything happens at one time....do you have any left over pain killers from treatment?  Those might offer a little relief for your back, and get you a smidgeon of sleep...I know there is no way to get comfortable when your back goes out.  Hopefully your wife will kick the infection within the next couple of days (that must have been SO hot....owie!!)


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I don't have to remind you that back pain can signal lung pain.  I would touch base w/your primary at the very least if the pain stays this bad.  Hope it resolves quickly....and I hope your wife feels better real soon too !   Katie

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D Lewis
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Hope things improve soon, for both of you.



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Pam M
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Hoping you two catch a break soon.  Back pain can make you feel bad all over, it seems.  Asking for some relief for you both.

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