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been gone awhile

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hey everone i know i have been gone for a bit i decided to come let you all know what is now going on with my situataion. ok here goes. when last i was here i was on folfiri (i think spelling is wrong) anyway it stopped working and we tried to do the folfox and after a month even it stopped working. i have one shot  left and it is a new drug just approved the middle of last year. you see the reason that it is my last shot is because i have kras mutated type and it does not like to give way to the drugs and if it does not work then at the rate it is growing i will not be here past the next  9 months at the latest and please accept what i say and leave only good thoughts and hopes because i have come to terms with my fate and know that from the look on my docs face when he told me that even he is sorry there is nothing else he can do he checked and the only other thing that might have been done can no longer be done because of the advanced stage and size of the tumors. so that said i wish the rest of you the best of luck and the brightest hopes in your lives and doings. may the powers that be hold you in high praises and good health. john

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I am sorry that you are getting limited with your treatment options, i truly hope that what ever they put you on will do the job and kick the cancers butt! just know that you have friends here and people who care about you and what you are going through!


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thanx zach i wish you the best too

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Did you think about getting a second opinion to see if they have any other suggestions.  It couldn't hurt to seek another opinion.  Hoping that this new treatment proves to be a good attacker and shrink those buggers. 


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It may be worth while going to one of the Colon Cancer Gurus, Like Lenz, Sugerbaker, or Lowe.    I have seen Lowe and Lenz.  I may not be here if not for them.  I had a lot of bad advice.  I had one Oncologist telll me not to worry or do surgery.  I had another tell me I should make sure all my affairs were in line.  Scary Stuff!


I have beat the odds, and I seldom believe anyone. lol   I guess being a businessman I never believed the critics. lol (I was an Audio Engineer whom owned the company.) Keep the good attitude and even have your Oncologist conult if you can not afford the trip to see one of the mentioned Docs.


Best Always,  mike

PS  Sending Good thoughts and Prayers for you to keep slaying the dragon!

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Hi John, sorry to see your latest post and I hoped your treatment was working for you.  But I do understand where you are coming from and I wish you all the best for the rest of your life.  Now for some quality time enjoy every day as much as possible. May the rest of your journey peaceful.



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Also how big are your tumours? My husband is on this drug after exhausting all other drugs. is on fifth cycle.  tumours 9cm and 8cm in liver. live and enjoy each day.  Rubyrose

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I am sorry you are in the spot you are in.  I have no words of wisdom to offer just a few thoughts. I lost my George on 10/29/12.  Please make sure you have a power of attorney regarding medical decisions in place, this may save your family much heartache if it becomes necessary, I know it did for me.

My wish for you now is that you find peace with your situation.  It is so very difficult. I have read a little about the new drug, some do well and some do not, it seems like a mixed bag, if they offer it to you then take it, you just may be one that does do well with it.  Can't offer any personal experience, George did not have this drug.  There is another new drug called Zaltrapp, you may want to ask about it also. 


Sincerely - Tina    

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Antitumoral Efficacy of the Protese Inhibitor Gabexate Mesilate in Colon Cancer Cells Harboring KRAS,BRAF and PIK3CA Mutations

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that this new drug will make the difference.  And if not, then I hope that what time remains will be filled with family and love.  In the end, that's the most important part of this journey anyway.  Hugs~Ann Alexandria

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.... but maybe this third drug will be the charm. 

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I'm sorry to hear your news but am always thankful for the time we have been given.  Embrace every moment and fill them with love and laughter. 

I wish you only good things.


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Just here hoping that the new chemo you're trying works well for you, will be sending eery positive vibe your way!!!

Keep the hope John, you just never know!!

Winter Marie

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Sorry for your situation but you may want to get a second opinion.  One Dr does not know everything.   Did you try the Cancer Center Treatment of America.  They specialize in difficult cancers.  With more options you will feel better.  Please keep us posted.

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