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leg & back pain

newbie toosday
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Has anyone had severe back and leg pain?  I am so scared because it hurts so bad.  I have burning pain in my rt leg from my hip throuogh the knee into my foot.  I have gone to the chiropractor, put ice & heat on it, taken ibuprofen but it won't let me sleep.  Anyone else have such pain?  I had radiation treatments ending in mid October.


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I completed treatments July '09 and by end of Dec '09 I had pain in my lower back.  Spoke with Oncologist who had completed all the testing on me and told me NO CANCER....most likely arthritis as you're old...yeah thanks doc!  I'm an active person, and gave up most of my running, only to work with yoga, fast walking and machines at the gym.  Pain was better but by the beginning of this year it had moved down my left leg with numbness.  Had an MRI which showed "bulging" disk, with pressure on sciatica as to why had pain down my leg to the ankel area.  


What did your chiropractor tell you?  Do any testing?  My first chiropractor told me it was serious, but he didn't have the proper equipment to work with my issue, therefore, found a new chiropractor who was the answer.  After 3 months I'm pain free and back to normal.  Still go for every 4-6 months checkup to keep me in line.


Now, I cannot say this is what's going on with you, but it took me 3 years to have the pain so serious I could hardly walk.  Without the MRI I would never have known what was causing my pain.  Might want to consider an MRI as it shows soft tissue.  NOTE: MRI's do NOT have side affects with radiation so not to worry about the excess radiation imposed to our bodies.   MRI stands for "magnetic reasonance inmaging", and it uses magnetic and radio waves to produce images -- not radiation. 


I as well had radiation treatments to my pelvic area -- 33 rounds to be exact!  Do know radiation simply dries up the joints, ligaments and the bones, too.  As to why I do as much weight-bearing exercises to keep my bones strong.  


Best to you my friend...HAPPY NEW YEAR!Wink


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That would be my first guess.

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