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okay taking advantage

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okay so here is the deal....we can only post..so I am going to take up your time and tell you a Christmas cancer story. I have one daughter only who married last year at the age of 29 .....her husband (Jewish) love him love him.....has a younger sister who married a young man with jaw cancer .....diagnosed 3 years ago..okay so this young man has fought tooth and nail for 3 years and last night he died......today his wife announced after in vitreo she is going to have his baby in July...

they have gone to Ottawa for the burial....my husband and I are here alone......cancer cancer what can I say????

sorry .....not really coherent....still reeling


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for the loss in your family. A baby is a blessing and will keep their love alive. Thinking of you all.

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how very kind of you to reply. I apologize for the post...in many ways i was letting off steam and i wonder if this is the place to it.....not likely but on the other hand you have to just sometimes trust your cancer buddies to understand.
On another thread i talked about the day .....funeral for neighbour's brother......lung cancer...It must be a combination of seasonal expectations....all should be merry and bright combined with the reality of cancer.


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Don't apologize. If you cannot vent a little steam here, just where can you. My condolences on your loss.

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This is so sad...I am so sorry for your loss.
We all support each other.
I come here all the time for strength....

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Sad story specially on these days of happiness ( theoretically)!
Vent whatever you feel convenient that's the main reason for this forum!
Have a big hug!

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Oh Mags,

Sooo young, such a loss. I will pray for your son-in-laws sister as she goes through so much in the months ahead. I'm sure her emotions will be all over the place with her young husband's death and yet the new life in her. Very, very sad and then a bit of joy. Wow.

Prayers for all of you


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Sounds liked they loved each other so much that they wanted their love to stay alive and found another way to conceive a child.  Sorry for your loss, but a blessing that a new one will soon arrive.


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And of course this is the place for you to vent. I understand how you feel. My daughter's (my only child who has colon cancer, stage IV) childhood friend, diagnosed with stage III colon cancer after my daughter was diagnosed last year, just died a week ago. He was 38, with a wife and two small children. He was one of five 30-somethings from our rural area (population around 6,000) who have colon cancer diagnosed over the past year. My daughter and her husband even sat in the infusion room with this guy and his wife while they received chemo, and now this, at Christmas time. I imagine what you are feeling is similar to what my daughter is feeling. I'm so sorry for your family's loss but thankful the young man and his wife had the idea for in-vitro fertilization - what a Christmas blessing for all the families.

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and hoping the healing from these tragedies begins.


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I just saw this post. I am so sorry.  

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