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Lung Biopsy Results

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Today, Monday Dec 10, I got the results from last week's lung biopsy. Unfortunately, the biopsy was positive for lung cancer; the cancer was squamous cell meaning that it almost assuradely had spread from the neck (larynx).

The recommendation from my medical oncologist was to watch it with a CT-Scan every 4 months. When it grows to 4 X its size, chemo will be used to treat it. He said that in general cancer cells are killed more effectively by a combination of radiation and chemo; but it is not possible to treat the lung with radiation.

To make matters worse, I have a half-dozen nodules, some of these nodules are in each lung. If all the cancer were in one place, surgery or radiation might be possible (I'm saying this).

The oncologist said that there are chemo regiments which will effectively shrink the tumor cells. However, these chemo regiments will not entirely eradicate the cancer.

I have made two decisions about going forward, and Arlene has agreed with these decisions.

1) I am going to get a second opinion (from another medical center). I am 90% certain that I will get the identical recommendation, but I need a second opinion for my peace of mind.

2) I am going to eat an super ultra-healthy diet. This is full of fruits and veggies; and a very limited amount of sugar and processed carbohydrates.

I have at least two fellow travelers here from the H&N Boards: Kate and Denis. That is far too many of my friends from that board.

I will post a lot more in the coming day or two or three.

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I hope the best treatment for you my friend, the medicine runs quickly at that era and there are hundreds of different treatments. Be patience and everything is gonna be like before.

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Well that just sucks! Did your onc indicate the reason for no radiation was the number of nodules? So glad you are getting second opinion. You guys have put together a great plan and I look forward to hearing your update.

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Darn it ! There are other options that may work...but none to cure. I would say your doc is spot on with the wait and see approach for now. But yes get that second opinion...because there are advances with radiation treatments available. I will be watching your posts closely and only thinking positives ! Katie

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I am having the same problem, had biopsy results last Thursday, it appears mine is also from my original tongue cancer but I have also got a lump on my tongue that appears to be cancerous, going to see Specialist this afternoon to discuss hopefully treatment of both.


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I hope this goes smooth for you and that all outcomes are great. 

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Saw the specialist today, he said that I have un curable cancer in both my lung and possibly my tongue, they will hopefully begin radiotheraphy/Chemotheraphy in January as a palative measure but not quite sure what they mean by un curable is this terminal or just that they cannot cure it and can halt it by radiotheraphy/chemotherapy, has anyone any ideas






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3+ years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and given 10-15 months with treatment.  Palliative means life lengthening,dealing symptoms as they arise.  My chemo an radiation was all palliative, at this time I have no evidence of disease or NED which is the solid tumor equivalent of being in remission.  I know of one gentleman whose stage 4 lung cancer was diagnosed as his primary when they first discovered his brain metastases 14 years ago.  


Please consider starting a new thread and letting us know:

When do you start treatment?  The type of cancer it is (small cell, large cell, squamous, adenocarcino, etc.  What chemo are they giving you?  Can you have gamma knife or other stereotactic radiation?  Ask about mutation testing and targeted therapy.  

its a roller coaster ride for sure, but its doable. 

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Just to let you all know, Rick passed away last last October. RIP



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