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Pardon, But Your Age Is Showing

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Off topic here, but I'm sitting here watching the 12.12.12 Concert, Pink Floyd to be exact and lovin' it.

We don't really look THAT old, do we.

Luv You Guys,


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We still got it. :-}


thxmiker's picture
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It is amazing that some of our favorite bands now have tribute bands. lol I have met and recorded with many of my favorites. I do not want to see a fake version. lol At the same time, we have been to some of the favs current concerts, and some are just sad anymore.

Best Always, mike

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Mick almost fell over did you catch that..
did you notice the crowd was older too at the concert...
I am loving it.. watched the whole show..
been waiting all night for my man Billy...
but yes they all looked old.. but we don't look that old.. at least not in my eyes...

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tis true wolfen.....I have to really nip myself when i meet a friend that I have not seen for some time. I start to think "wow they have really aged" but i quickly have to stamp that thought out remember the gray haired lady with the soft belly in the mirror....hahahahah

and sometimes look at hubby and think "wow look at that your whiskers are almost pure white"

the best defense is to think of the roads we have all travelled lately.....long long hard roads and LOOK AT US.....still marching along

have a hug Wolfen

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