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Going to first appt with Gyn Surgeon on Monday, need help with questions

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Hi it is me again, Hybridspirits. Given I just found out this past Tuesday i decided to give myself a break and work on questions tomorrow Saturday

so far this is what i know from the D&C they found cancerous cells partially differentiated (ugh!) in the sampling they said they had some cells that weren't cancerous. they also took a polyp that was included with the sampling

because they had noncancerous cells they have to rule out Met. they are focusing on the GI area as my dad had colon cancer. However i am up to date with colonoscopies. First one about 7 years ago they removed a precancerous polyp and the last one 15 months ago had a perfect clean report.

I had blood tests this past Tuesday the day i found out for "markers" and a pelvic cat scan the next day Wed.

i am going to another dr in the practice as my dr doesn't do this surgery anymore and this
Dr has 6 years with the Divincci Robotic Surgery

I do have an appt with the Gyn Oncologist next Friday so this list of questions is just for the regular gyno

i have started reading threads and taken some notes. i did write down i should ask for a functional profile and Simple Assay. Are they they same? does this happen after surgery or from the D&C Biopsy? maybe they already have it.

I appreciate any guidance in questions that i should focus on. Thanks soooo much and hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and is doing well

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Because this is so new to you the best thing to do is make sure you bring someone with you for this meeting with the Dr. He is going to give you results from tests and of course the first question will be - what does that mean? I remember the first time I saw the Oncologist I was so mesmerized I was so glad my husband was there to hear what I could not.
The visits after the surgery are going to be important to make sure you ask the questions about the surgery, what the results were, the next steps, etc.
Try to take it one day at a time - easier said than done, I know.
Jan H

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My sister had surgery with the Divincci Robot in October and her recovery time was fantastic.

The profile is done based on the tissue samples taken at surgery.

Ask your Gyn Onc his opinion about the profiling. My sister's is not convinced that it provides an accurate overall picture of how to proceed since it is based on how and where samples were taken. Also the one she got recommended treatments which were not on the NCRA list of approved treatments. This can also cause issues with your insurance company.

I know there are many folks who have found the profiling worth the cost. So, best to know what your doc thinks...if he won't find it useful don't have it done...if he feels it is good info...then do it. As with many things with cancer, seldom a clear cut answer.

Wishing you best results as you move forward,

Marie who loves kitties

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