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Cancer again invades my life...but it is not me this time

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In October my sister had surgery for uterine cancer. They initally set it as Stage 3, but with a chest CT scan this week it has now been classed as Stage 4 with multiple small mets to both lungs. She starts chemo next Friday. As for any Stage 4 cancer, it is to buy her more time not a cure.

So now I take on the role of caregiver/cheerleader/helper.

I will probably be on this board less and be checking in with the uterine board more.

Regardless of my presence or absence, know that you all will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

Marie who loves kitties

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... poor girl you (and her also)

Sending good vibrations and a big big hug and hope se responds well to chemo and is able to buy A LOT OF TIME.

take care

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Here more often than you say! We need you!
Hugs my dear elder sister!
Praying for you both!

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She couldn't have a better caregiver/cheerleader/helper. Do you live near each other? I hope her treatment is successful and her side effects are minimal.

Since my husband lives out of state, my sister helped me after my initial surgery and first chemotherapy session. I was very grateful to have her stay with me. Although my husband is a great guy, she was more comfortable in the role of caregiver. Best wishes to you both.

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Marie - Your sister is lucky to have someone like her in her corner. I wish her all the est. Keep in touch, Traci

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Sorry to hear this news. I'm sure this news has been very upsetting for you and your family. She is fortunate to have your support. I hope she has many good years ahead of her. You, as much as anyone here know how successful some people can be at managing their cancer long-term. Best of luck to both of you.


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I'm so sorry, Marie...what an advocate you will make for sis.

Our loss will be the other board's gain...

Wishing your sister nothing but the best of luck - and wishing everything for you in your new role:)


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Hugs to your sister and you,I wish we could skip this part of our life,((((()))))) Ron.

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I was the second sister in my family to have cancer, and it was just so hard on everyone involved. Having to tell my mom that yet another of her daughters was facing this crap was the worst. I'll be keeping you and your sis in my thoughts, hoping that tx will have great results. We've seen others in this world of cancer have really good response to chemo, even with multiple mets. Hugs and strength to you both~Ann Alexandria

Cathleen Mary
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I am so sorry that you and your sister have to go through this yet again. She is so blessed to have you. Prayers as you accompany her on this odyessy.
Don't forget to take care of yourself,too. As we know, many stage IV people here have done well...all things considered. Hope and strength for you both.

Cathleen Mary

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I hate hearing about your sister...pray the chemo keeps everything under control. Jeff

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Your sister is in such good hands with you. You provide such wonderful virtual support for all of here on the board. I am sending prayers your way and hope the best for your sister.
My best to you,

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so sorry about your sister. i hope the chemo helps. she is very lucky to have you. prayers for both of you & please take care.

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Oh Marie

I will keep both of you in my prayers. So very sorry she is in this struggle now. Sending you both warm aloha.


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Sorry to hear of this news. I do think the caregiver role genuinely has many different challenges than being the one with the disease- the feeling you have to stay positive for the patient, not being the one with control over decisions and ultimately facing being the one 'left behind'. I hav,e always admired those that can take on these roles and carry the burdens of them- I am sue your iwnexperiences will serve you well. Just make sure you also look after yourself and your own needs as without that you will be of little use to your sister.

Know we are always here to help in any role for you too.


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I am so sorry to hear that. I know you will be the best caregiver your sister could ever hope for.

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As I said on FB,

I have you both on my nightly prayer list, darling.

BIG hugs, Kathi

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Thinking of you Marie, you will be a GREAT support for her. Kim

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I can't imagine a better caregiver/helper/cheerleader then yourself for your sister. She is in the best of hands.
We will miss not having your sweetness and kindness on this board as much, but understand why to be sure, but it doesn't mean we'll miss you any less.
Sending prayers and hugs,
Winter Marie

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I am so sorry to hear about your sister's diagnosis. That you will be there to love and support her says it all.

Take care,


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Dear Marie,

You will be the best support person.
Your contribution here is amazing, you will be missed.

The love, care and kindness we do is our greatest legacy, yours speaks for itself.


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