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5 years

tootsie1 Member Posts: 5,036
Hi, Everyone.

I wanted to share that last Friday was my 5 year mark. NED!! Thanksgiving always brings thoughts of what happened and what could have happened, but this milestone was wonderful to reach.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with our daughter, her husband, and our 3 grandchildren. What a blessing!

On Friday we took a weekend trip to Myrtle Beach with our oldest grandson as a delayed birthday present for him. We had the best time!

Wishing for health and happiness and love for all of you. You have been there to bring me to this point, and I thank you for that.



  • steved
    steved Member Posts: 834
    That is great news and real reason to celebrate life!

  • Chelsea71
    Chelsea71 Member Posts: 1,169
    Congratulations. Very happy
    Congratulations. Very happy for you.

  • KathiM
    KathiM Member Posts: 8,028
    I am dancing, and dancing and dancing!!!
    BIG 'high five', my darling!!!

    HUGS, Kathi
  • YoVita
    YoVita Member Posts: 590
    Fabulous news!
    5 year marker is so significant. Congratulations. I've been impressed with how involved you are with your community. They are lucky to have you. Peace and continued good health to you.
  • tommycat
    tommycat Member Posts: 790
    Five years???
    That's wonderful!!!! Five seems to be the magical number when the odds REALLY turn in our favor.
    Toot Toot for Tootsie!
  • Sundanceh
    Sundanceh Member Posts: 4,392
    Alive at 5
  • Annabelle41415
    Annabelle41415 Member Posts: 6,712 **
    What wonderful news and perfect time of year to give thanks. So happy for you.

    Hugs! Kim
  • ron50
    ron50 Member Posts: 1,723
    Congrats Gail
    Life is looking good. Five years ,a wonderful family and a new sugar daddy in Phill:):):) Hugs Ron.
  • pete43lost_at_sea
    pete43lost_at_sea Member Posts: 3,900
    dear gail,

    how wonderful. may god keep watching over you.

  • Deena11
    Deena11 Member Posts: 199
    Great news!!
    That is wonderful! Just in time to spend the holidays with a lighter heart. Enjoy the time and celebrate with the family.
  • k44454445
    k44454445 Member Posts: 494
    way to go!!! congrats! so good to hear this.
  • Joy1216
    Joy1216 Member Posts: 290
    Congrats on joining the 5-year club! I joined it last year.
    LOUSWIFT Member Posts: 371
    5 years
    Great news Gail and aren't grand kids the best. Hugs LOu
  • steveandnat
    steveandnat Member Posts: 886
    Way to go
    That is outstanding...five years is a great milestone. Pray that you stay NED forever. Jeff
  • Aud
    Aud Member Posts: 479
    happy to hear about your continued NED status after 5 years! hope it continues for many more...say, a lifetime!